Top questions OEM equipment manufacturers should ask EMS manufacturing partners about KPI performance metrics

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Below are key questions electronics OEM equipment manufacturers should ask their EMS manufacturing partners to establish KPI performance metrics for OEM outsourcing programs:

    1. What key metrics (operating indicators) does EMS use to hold EMS program management accountable?
    2. What is our escalation pathway if assigned EMS internal program management unable to execute?
    3. Which top 5 metrics do you feel are most important for you (the EMS provider) to measure our (customer) OEM program success?
    4. How is EMS direct labor efficiency measured?
    5. How is downtime for EMS production lines/work cells measured and tracked and, how are related reasons root-caused?
    6. How is EMS indirect labor (functional teams supporting manufacturing) efficiency measured? (Get our EMS supply chain indirect labor readiness evaluation)
    7. How do printed circuit board and systems debug EMS operators prioritize repair of failures?
    8. How is EMS inventory ‘on challenge’ tracked, and improved on?

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