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Finding Quality EMS ProvidersA current top 50 EMS provider in Europe was discovered recently to have several 100s of millions of dollars less in revenues than its claim of US$1Billion+ it speaks to in the marketplace. This difference is noteworthy and enough to change this provider’s ranking considerably among current top 50 EMS providers worldwide it is being compared to based on revenues. Its not uncommon for private EMS providers (of all sizes) to boast when in early business dialogue. Public EMS firms are less able to hide behind verifiable revenue figures.

EMS providers claiming larger revenues than they have might do so for a variety of reasons, like posturing to win a new customer or, they might feel inferior competing in the hyper-competitive EMS marketplace.

EMS providers included in any EMS industry top 10 EMS, top 50 EMS, top 100 EMS list where EMS ranking is based on revenues should be required to submit financial docs to list publishers signed off by an outside auditor.

OEMs considering EMS providers should ask for EMS financials signed off by a third-party auditor as part of your EMS due diligence. OEMs can request EMS management meetings, and validate EMS related decision-making here. You can also search our global directory of EMS providers by industry here. Find EMS providers for your specific program needs using 70+ various criteria here.

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