Top 10 EMS Providers in USA Midwest – 2015

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Midwest EMS ProvidersOur inaugural list of the Top 10 EMS Providers in USA Midwest for 2015 in no particular order. We define USA Midwest as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin. While surveying contract electronics providers, the more often a provider company’s name was mentioned by industry peers (respondents employed by other providers) the higher the provider ranked.

Where we could not obtain information directly from a provider, we obtained the necessary information from the provider’s Website or from other reputable publications. For an explanation of ranking criteria click here.


CircuitPakCircuit Pak, Dayton, OH
Circuit Pak was founded in 1983 and is privately owned. Circuit Pak offers SMT/PCB services with assembly and ICT testing plus, additional value add services and serves customers in medical, aerospace, automotive, military, industrial electronics and security. Circuit Pak also has RF wireless expertise


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BenchmarkBenchmark Electronics, Rochester, MN
Benchmark’s Minnesota facility is part of Benchmark’s Minnesota division which has been offering engineering and contract manufacturing services for 30+ years. Benchmark’s Rochester facility is certified ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, Nadcap, ITAR and is FDA compliant. The greater Minnesota division offers full product life cycle services from product designs, prototype and NPI to production manufacturing and back-end and EOL management.

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Analog_TechnologiesAnalog Technologies, Burnsville, MN
Analog Technologies was founded in 1993 and initially offered electronic engineering and product development services focused on high-performance analog-based equipment. Since then Analog has expanded its engineering and contract EMS capabilities today focusing primarily on customer with complex and packaging intensive product needs.


Creation_TechnologiesCreation Technologies, Oak Creek, WI
Creation Technologies’ 80,000 square feet Oak Creek facility has 3 surface mount lines supported by 250 employees. Quality capabilities for Oak Creek include ISO 9001 and 13485 certification, with both FDA and ITAR compliance, to name a few. Some of the markets Oak Creek serves include medical and military electronics. The facility has been in existence since 1953 and was acquired by Creation Technologies in 2003.


PlexusPlexus (design center), Neenah, WI
Plexus’ Neenah design center achieved its AS9100 certification second half of 2014 to help strengthen Plexus’ support for its aerospace and defense customers. The Neenah design center provides electronics product design and prototype development.


Universal_Electronics_UEIUniversal Electronics, Whitewater, WI
Universal Electronics was founded in 1980 by Richard Jensen. Universal Electronics’ Whitewater location is both ISO 9001 and 13485 registered with ITAR approval and FDA 21 CFR 820 compliance. Markets Universal’s Whitewater facility serves include medical electronics, industrial, defense / commercial, communications and security.


RiverSide_ElectronicsRiverSide Electronics, Lewiston, MN
RiverSide Electronics’ Lewiston facility is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified. Services RiverSide offers include product design through manufacture, box build systems integration and order fulfillment plus, backend after market services. RiverSide serves such markets as agriculture, medical electronics, industrial equipment and controls and instrumentation, to name a few, and can support products that operate in rugged environments.


EBW_ElectronicsEBW Electronics, Holland, MI
EBW Electronics offers electronics design and engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services including full turnkey manufacturing for printed circuit boards, LED and electronic assemblies. Markets EBW Electronics serves include LED lighting and industrial controls and automotive to name a few. EBW is one of the United State’s largest buyers of LEDs. Consequently, EBW’s procurement team and PCBA designers work closely with leading LED suppliers.


TecnovaElectronicsTecnova Electronics, Inc, Waukegan, IL
Tecnova was founded in 1981 by Terry Coleman, Sr. and consists of Tecnova Inc., (engineering) and Tecnova Electronics Inc., (manufacturing). Tecnova Electronics specializes in building sophisticated electronic assemblies for energy, aerospace, automotive / transportation and industrial applications and offers services such as product design, SMT/PCB assembly and systems integration and test.


SanminaSanmina, Kenosha, WI
Sanmina’s Kenosha facility provides services for complex telecommunications product, industrial and medical electronics, and other mission critical product types such as aerospace circuit boards, radar systems and toxic gas analyzer PCB assemblies.

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