Top 10 EMS Providers in Europe – 2016

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EuropeTopEMSProvidersWe surveyed contracts electronics solutions providers around the world asking professionals working in these electronics solutions facilities; Which electronics solutions facilities are most impressive? The more often a solutions provider’s company name was selected with a facility located in Europe the higher that provider facility location ranked. (Respondents could not select their own company).

Given the vast number of electronics solutions provider factories and locations worldwide plus, the challenge most contract electronics solutions providers face differentiating their company and services from competitors serving a same given area/region and serving similar industries and end markets, our goal with these surveys is to help give electronics OEM decision makers access to ample information on so they can make more informed decisions about contract electronics solutions providers they choose to ultimately formulate business partnerships. Below we present our list of Top 10 EMS Providers in Europe 2016 in no particular order. For an explanation of ranking criteria click here.

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Integrated Micro-Electronics, Třemošná, Czech Republic
IMI’s Třemošná faciilty has four SMT lines and employs about 200 persons serving the automotive, industrial and consumer electronics markets with both engineering and manufacturing services. Třemošná is located about 100km from Prague International Airport.


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BMK Group, Augsburg, Germany
The Augsburg facility specializes in electronics product development and manufacturing of micro-controller control systems and serves industries like such as test and measurement, automation, power and energy, medical and automotive electronics and, communications technology to name a few.


Jabil, Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
The Jabil Tiszaujvaros facility is a key player in the electronic manufacturing industry in Hungary. It is also the largest company in the northern region of Hungary, producing complex products for some of the world’s most well-known companies. With 583,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the Tiszaujvaros facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Matra Électronique, Lacroix-Saint-Ouen, France
Matra Electronique develops and produces high-tech electronic equipment across 5 sectors: defense (missiles and defense systems), aeronautics (on-board equipment), oil and gas (adapt electronics to extreme conditions), space (electronics for space applications) and medical (neuro-stimulators, prostheses, DAS).

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Tonfunk Group, Falkenstein/Harz Germany
Tonfunk is focused on the manufacture of electronics modules and devices. Tonfunk offers circuit design and layout development, 3d design and testing technologies, software development, SMT and THT manufacturing, installation and high level assembly, painting and encapsulation and production traceability.


Leesys, Leipzig, Germany
The Leipzig Electronic Systems (Leesys) facility in Leipzig, Germany serves the industrial electronics industry, automotive, telecommunications, connected homes, and healthcare sectors with services ranging from R&D, prototyping, production, materials management, after-sales-service, logistics and customs clearance.


Asteelflash, Bad Hersfeld, Germany
With about 250 employees and 100,000 square feet of floor space, some of the products the Bad Hersfeld facility produces include entertainment systems and electric window lifts for leading automobile manufacturers. In addition to the automotive industry Asteelflash also serves such markets as medical electronics, defense and aerospace, data processing and energy management.


enicsEnics, Elva, Estonia
Enics’ Estonia facility is located in the city of Elva in the Southeast part of Estonia near Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. The Elva location focuses on manufacturing and supply chain services for customers in the industrial segment and provides a full range of manufacturing services near European markets and near customers’ development centers.


Kitron, Kaunus, Lithuania
Kitron’s Kaunas facility produces complex electronic products for customers serving industrial, telecom, energy, offshore / marine, defense and medical markets. This site focuses on cable harness assembly and box-build systems integration of products.


FlexFlex, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
The Flextronics Zalaegerszeg location is an industrial park serving the automotive, energy, consumer, computing, enterprise storage, industrial and networking market sectors. Some services offered in Zalaegerszeg include electronics design and engineering services, PCB assembly, NPI, systems integration and BTO / CTO for low-volume / high-mix assembly.

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