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Top 10 EMS Providers in California – 2016

By VentureOutsource.com Staff

Golden California Top Contract Electronics ProvidersWe surveyed contracts electronics solutions providers around the world asking professionals working in these electronics solutions facilities; Which electronics solutions facilities are most impressive? The more often a solutions provider’s company name with a facility located in California was selected the higher that provider facility location ranked. (Respondents could not select their own company).

Given the vast number of electronics solutions provider factories and locations worldwide plus, the challenge most contract electronics solutions providers face differentiating their company and services from competitors serving a same given area/region and serving similar industries and end markets, our goal with these surveys is to help give electronics OEM decision makers access to ample information on VentureOutsource.com so they can make more informed decisions about contract electronics solutions providers they choose to ultimately formulate business partnerships. Below we present our list of Top 10 EMS Providers in California 2016 in no particular order. For an explanation of ranking criteria click here.

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Venture Manufacturing (VEST), Anaheim, CA
Some market segments the Anaheim facility serves includes medical electronics, defense and aerospace electronics, networking and storage. Services provided to customers include embedded system engineering design and development for both hardware and software and range from systems-on-module (SOM) and SOM platform development to ViO real-time I/O control system development, and more.

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CelesticaCelestica, Fremont, CA
Celestica is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has more than 25,000 employees worldwide with 20 manufacturing and design facilities. End market industries Celestica serves include aerospace and defense electronics, capital equipment, communications, consumer electronics, enterprise computing, medical electronics and industrial.


Rocket EMS, Santa Clara, CA
The 36,000 square foot Rocket EMS Santa Clara facility serves customers in medical electronics, telco, industrial electronics, test and measurement, defense and aerospace, computing and storage, to name a few industries. Services Rocket EMS offers industry include printed circuit board layout, components surface mount and PCB assembly, DfX analysis, systems build with full systems functional test and 3d production, among others.


QualitySystemsIntegratedQuality Systems Integrated, San Diego, CA
Quality Systems Integrated is a global, contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider with locations in North America and Asia. With competencies in electronics manufacturing, engineering, value-add services, and testing solutions the Company serves markets such as military electronics, aerospace, space, defense, telecom, medical and industrial electronics, to name a few..


JabilJabil Blue Sky Center, San Jose, CA
The Jabil Blue Sky facility helps customers engineer growth and establish market leadership in rapid change environments. The Center displays factory-of-the-future capabilities such as automation, as well as product design, intelligent digital supply chain, the Internet of Things (IoT)and more. The Center leverages collaborative spaces for creating, cultivating and incubating new ideas from vision to prototype to global manufacturing for Jabil customers.


Flex (NEO Tech), Valencia, CA
The Flex Valencia facility was acquired by NEO Tech halfway through our survey. This facility offers high-mix microelectronics and complete system design and manufacturing services supporting complex, high-reliability products, primarily serving the medical and aerospace and military / defense electronics markets.


BAE Systems, Santa Clara, CA
The BAE Systems subsidiary facility on Zanker Road in San Jose offers design, manufacturing and testing of high-performance imaging sensors and cameras. Products produced at the location cover a wide range of applications in aerospace, medical / dental, scientific, security and surveillance markets and cover the full spectrum ranging from x-ray through the visible and the near infrared (NIR) with leading responsivity.


NEO Tech, Carlsbad, CA
NEO Tech’s Carlsbad 45,000 square foot factory is the Company’s ceramics center of excellence focusing on advanced materials for customer advantages in weight, size, and high frequency performance. Operations include low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and high-temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) board fabrication, aluminum nitride (AIN), thick film and multi-layer substrates.


Sierra Assembly Technology, Fontana, CA
Sierra Assembly operates two automated SMT assembly lines in their 20,000 square foot Fontana location serving such industries as aerospace and satellite, medical and defense electronics, telecom, wireless and LED to name a few. Services include PCB Assembly and production, with quick turn PCB assembly and prototyping, circuit board design, cable and wire harness and box build assembly.


CelesticaCelestica, San Jose, CA
Technology is the highlight of Celestica’s San Jose operation, offering customers design expertise for proof of manufacturability and new product introduction. Celestica, San Jose serves customers in the enterprise networking market.

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