The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


20. Matthijs Glastra
According to research firm Strategies Unlimited, 10 companies accounted for more than 68% of the worldwide LED supply in 2011. Philips Lumileds is one of them. Glastra, an executive leader in industrial and energy efficiency industries, is COO at Lumileds. LED technology is part of the hot and fast-growing clean and green energy end-market many EMS providers have begun aggressively chasing in recent years as sustainability becomes ever more important to corporations and consumers. For EMS providers, the strategy allows for deeper penetration into the growing automotive electronics; medical, mobile phone, display (TV and PC) and lighting markets — each of which Philips Lumileds also serves. ODM and EMS providers can count on Glastra’s leadership delivering an ample supply of high-quality LEDs with few, if any, bubbles in the supply chain.

19. Debby Chan
Other labor and human rights activists have voiced concerns on the global stage for workers being mistreated in Chinese factories but when you add EMS and China it typically equates to Foxconn – which can also lead you to think of Apple. And no activist has been more of a thorn in the side of Apple, and Foxconn, than Chan. With an impressive list of advisors to help set organization policy and direction, Chan’s Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) yields influence, and gets attention. Some in the EMS industry say it was efforts by SACOM that influenced Apple’s recent decision to publicly release the list of names of Apple’s supply chain suppliers and vendors. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Cook publicly expressed a committed interest to work with supply chain vendors to correct any violations. (See, also: #1#8#30#49#56#85#87)

18. Joe Tucci
Tucci is chairman, president and CEO at EMC, the world’s biggest maker of corporate data storage equipment. Tucci has EMC’s cross hairs on cloud computing, one of the fastest growing technology markets that delivers shared computing power combined with software and storage services from centralized data locations to desktops, notebooks, mobile handsets and tablets. Also a sharp practitioner when it comes to leveraging contract electronics manufacturing, Tucci, for years, has been an advocate of partnering EMC with several EMS providers to leverage various types operational expertise to help EMC meet its supply chain flexibility and operational objectives.

17. Tom Linton
Previously, Linton was chief procurement officer for LG Electronics. Recently he was appointed to the CPO role at Flextronics where he is responsible for supply chain activities and overseeing the Company’s supply-chain practitioner and related procurement and supply chain activities spread across more than 30 countries. Linton has deep supply chain experience in the tech supply chain with previous executives roles at Freescale Semiconductor, Agere Systems and E2Open. A published author well-versed in supply chain EMS circles and beyond, Linton has written numerous articles and technical papers and recently co-authored a Harvard Business Review publication we think everyone in industry should read that is titled: “Don’t Let Your Supply Chain Control Your Business.” (See, also: #29, #35)

16. President of the United States, Barack Obama
President Obama’s ‘Blueprint for an America built to last’ was born from The President’s 2012 State of the Union Address. Currently before Congress, the full impact of this Blueprint for United States manufacturing, corporations and American neighborhoods remains to be seen. The United States is a significant contributor to the world’s total GDP with U.S. outsourcing and offshoring of manufacturing and jobs to many regions across the globe benefitting from such activities. Some highlights of the Blueprint (at the time of this top 100 list formation) include corporate tax reform with the overall aim to support U.S. manufacturing, discourage outsourcing and encourage insourcing:

  1. Deny moving expense deductions to companies moving operations overseas and allow a new 20% credit for the expenses of moving operations back to the U.S.
  2. Target Code Sec. 199 domestic production activity deduction on manufacturers who create jobs in the U.S. and doubling the deduction for advanced manufacturing technologies from 9% to 18%.
  3. Create a new Manufacturing Communities Tax Credit ($2 billion per year in incentives for three years) for qualified investments that help finance projects in communities that have suffered a ‘major job loss event’—i.e., where a military base closes or a major employer closes or substantially reduces a facility or operating unit, resulting in permanent mass layoffs.
  4. Extend the Code Sec. 48C(d) Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit for investments in clean energy manufacturing in the U.S.
  5. Provide 100% expensing of investment in plants and equipment.
  6. Close a loophole that allows companies to shift profits overseas from intangible property created in the U.S.
  7. Some corporate tax related mandates might include requiring companies to pay a minimum tax for overseas profit, and requiring permanent an expanded Code Sec. 41 research and experimentation tax credit.
(See, also: #8)


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


15. Tim Main
Main is president and CEO of Jabil, an EMS industry tier-1 provider, where Main has been employed for more than 20 years and he has been CEO for nearly half of his years with the Company. One of the last, large EMS providers to adopt a vertically integrated strategy, under Main’s leadership Jabil has grown to become a global EMS provider respected in the EMS industry by both EMS and OEM executives alike, and Wall Street, for Main’s and his team’s quick ability to root cause issues and bring them to resolution, in part, thanks to Jabil’s unique focus on employee training and the Company’s matrix-style management. (See, also: #21, #27, #48, #53)

14. Craig Muhlhauser
Muhlhauser is president and CEO with global EMS provider Celestica. A man with an often calming disposition and able to implement one of the best company-wide customer service programs we often hear about, Muhlhauser is responsible for reshaping Celestica’s sales force and emphasizing the word ‘service’ in customer service. It was also Muhlhauser who calmed Wall Street a few years ago by navigating the Company through troubles with its Mexico location. A visionary, Muhlhauser was also a big proponent to further build on Celestica’s early role as one of the first major players in the EMS industry to recognize the ‘sustainable’ opportunity and further develop internal expertise to service the clean / green technology market.

13. Kou-yi Yeh
Yeh is founder and chairman of global tier-1 contract original design manufacturer (ODM) Inventec. A long-time strategic thought leader in the electronics industry, with Yeh setting strategy in the boardroom, Inventec today is one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers of notebook computers. Leveraging his talent for anticipating marketplace needs early on, Yeh started Inventec thinking about and investing in solar-energy products before many industry contemporaries began doing so. And, Yeh is in process of leading the transformation of Inventec. This time around, Inventec will focus on clean tech products with a concerted effort to serve the fast-growing cloud-computing market.

12. Dean Foate
Foate is president and CEO at Plexus. Under Foate’s leadership, the Wisconsin-based EMS provider’s executive team has evolved into one of the best in industry. With facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Foate built a diverse customer base leveraging O’ complex build capabilities. The Company serves high-mix / low-volume markets like networking; industrial electronics, defense / aerospace and medical with the latter offering remarkable product design capabilities.

11. The Honorable Anand Sharma
The Honorable Anand Sharma minister of commerce and industry for the government of India presides over two key departments: the department of commerce, and the department of industrial policy and promotion. India is the last great emerging market for EMS. Having not had the same success with EMS as India’s software and BPO industries have, today, India is committing a more serious effort to make the nation’s electronics manufacturing industry’s success a reality and we believe The Honorable Anand Sharma, in working with other Indian ministries, will be a driving force with this. To help develop greater domestic electronics capabilities in India, the government recently enacted policy granting preferential market access in government procurement to electronics products manufactured in India. By the end of 2012, India is also expected to finalize plans for opening a semiconductor fabrication facility. This is noteworthy because having semiconductor fabrication is a key part of any region’s electronics manufacturing ecosystem. (See, also: #21#26#45#76#84)

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