The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


30. Mike Daisey
Daisey, a terrific storyteller nearly all his life, is an entertaining and successful performer and monologist. Daisey is well known in technology supply chain and EMS circles, and beyond, for his powerfully provocative and informative one-man show: ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’ in which he performs on stage in front of live audiences. Daisey’s performance recounts his travels to China where Daisey interviewed dozens and dozens of employees who work for Foxconn, the world’s largest EMS provider, which, as most people know, has been in the news for a while for its treatment of workers and workers’ rights issues. Daisey, through sheer luck and a bit of a magician’s craft, got employees from Foxconn’s largest factory to open up to him about Foxconnn factory working conditions and the Company’s treatment of workers while they’re busy assembling iPhones and other wildly popular consumer electronics products for Apple, Foxconn’s customer. Perhaps Daisey’s performance played some part in Apple’s recent stepping up efforts to become more involved with how Apple’s supply chain partners treat their employees. A great performer, Daisey is worth seeing. (See, also: #1#8#19#49#56#85#87)

29. Michael Marks
Marks was CEO of EMS provider Flextronics from 1994 to 2006, afterward becoming chairman of the board, until 2008 when he stepped down. While he is no longer active directly in the EMS industry, during Marks’ tenure at Flextronics he was known for being a calculating risk-taker supported by a clear vision. During a time when many companies were downsizing and spinning off divisions, Marks was the first to recognize EMS provider size mattered and a vertically integrated EMS provider with a global footprint could do things smaller, and even many larger providers, could not. This insight contributed to a series of Flextronics acquisitions thus aiding the Company’s growth and ultimate competitive advantage, for the time being. It is believed Marks coined the phrase, “It’s not the big that eat the small, its the fast that eat the slow.” And Flextronics did move fast. Under Marks’ leadership revenues grew from $300 million in 2006 to more than $8 billion by the time Marks left. (See, also: #17, #35)

28. Carl Levin (D). U.S. Senate – Michigan
Senator Levin is current chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In 2010, Sen. Levine’s committee investigated counterfeit electronics components finding their way into systems manufactured and assembled by EMS providers and defense primes and used by U.S. military personnel. The committee evaluated 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeit electronics parts. Staff then chose more than 100 of those cases to trace back through the supply chain resulting in greater than 70% of those cases leading to China. Surely, defense electronics is not the only end-market being manipulated by brokers and sellers of counterfeit components. Regardless, such findings are only the tip of the iceberg and are enough to cause any reasonable components buyer to heighten their due diligence with vendors and suppliers. We applaud Sen. Levine’s sense of urgency and determination for combating any counterfeit component in any supply chain. TIME Magazine named him one of America’s 10 best senators.

27. John Caltabiano
Caltabiano is vice president sourcing and supply chain management with Jabil, a top 10 global EMS provider and one of the better-managed providers in industry. EMS can be a tricky business with MCOGs being the largest cost center for most technology hardware programs. Caltabiano is an EMS industry supply chain and procurement veteran when it comes to establishing and negotiating terms with vendors and suppliers to meet cost objectives. Someone who clearly understands purchase price variance (PPV), Caltabiano is part of the reason why Jabil has been successful in recent years. (See, also: #15#21#48#53)

26. Pavan Ranga
Ranga is CEO of Rangsons Electronics, one of the leading Indian EMS providers in India. Serving customers in India, United States, Europe, Japan and China, under Ranga’s leadership and with the support of a skilled senior management team, Rangsons has become well known in the EMS industry for being very proficient with complex, high-mix electronics contract manufacturing serving the non-traditional markets: medical, industrial, automotive, defense and aviation. (See, also: #11#21#45#76#84)


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


25. Xuebin Zhang
Zhang is executive chairman and CEO of Skyworth Digital Holdings, which is a leading Chinese TV manufacturer based in Shenzhen also focused on high-end digital products and upstream components like LCD screens. In 2001, when Zhang joined the group he was responsible for overseeing business operations and strategy implementation. Today, Zhang leads with a distinctive strategy that includes supply chain management principles with a solid commitment to execution further emphasized by Skyworth having logistic centers across China: Shuangliu, Chengdu; Yichun, Jiangxi and Lishui, Nanjing. Zhang believes that being competitive and successful in today’s marketplace has more to do with the Company’s entire supply chain team working together which only then can determine the competitiveness of the final product. Zhang’s supply chain insights have impacted the perception, and the importance of, supply chains in the eyes of numerous other Chinese electronics industry executives.

24. Kevin Harrington
Harrington is senior director of global business operations for Cisco, the Internet networking giant, where he is responsible for worldwide manufacturing. Harrington’s office is ground zero for Cisco’s worldwide business operations; strategic direction and planning. Harrington oversees all of the organization including; business planning, mergers and acquisitions integration, global program management operations, organizational learning and development, business intelligence, strategy, talent excellence, and executive communications. (See, also: #5)

23. Zhengfei Ren
Known as one of the most mysterious entrepreneurs in China, Ren is founder and president of Huawei Technologies, a leading global information and communication technology (ICT) solution provider. Before founding Huawei with only RMB 21,000 in 1987, Ren worked in logistics services for Shenzhen South Sea Oil Corporation. The Chinese people are very proud of Ren, whose company today competes directly with historically world-famous enterprises like Cisco and IBM. A previously, well publicized story in the Chinese press talks about Ren hiring IBM integrated supply chain (ISC) management systems for some consulting work. Ren was quoted saying, “Huawei’s issues will be resolved when ISC’s issues are resolved.”

22. Jure Sola
Sola is founder, chairman and CEO of EMS provider Sanmina-SCI. Where many publicly-traded companies in any industry have typically faltered when one person holds both chairman of the board and CEO roles, the fact Sola has claimed both titles for so long is testament to his influence and leadership capabilities, and EMS industry understanding. We are equally impressed with Sola’s ability within Sanmina-SCI to create one of the largest EMS business segments serving the medical electronics outsourcing community. (See, also: #84)

21. T. Vasu
Vasu is the current elected president with ELCINA – Electronic Industries Association of India alongside being a director at Tandon Group. Vasu has both public and private sector electronics manufacturing executive experience. A previous managing director of Tandon Group’s Celetronix Power, India (which was sold to EMS provider Jabil in 2006), Vasu is also past chairman of the Export Promotion Council for export oriented units (EOU) and special economic zones (SEZ) so Vasu knows a lot about building industry. ELCINA activities include development and coordinating common interest of Indian electronic hardware manufacturers with those of manufacturers of electronics materials, machinery and service providers, for accelerating industry growth in India. Vasu’s background in EMS and experience with EOUs and SEZs makes him a good resource for helping promote India’s recent renewed interest in domestic EMS. (See, also: #11, #15, #21,  #26, #27#45, #48#53#76#84)

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