The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


40. Zhongfu Cui
Cui is vice president and secretary general of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the only comprehensive community organization of China’s logistics and purchasing industry approved by China’s State Council. With previous experiences with China’s State Council; State Economic and Trade Commission, and National Development and Reform Commission, Cui has solid understanding of China’s macroeconomics, and influences thereof, as well as how logistics and purchasing should develop and how their respective roles play into being key components in any successful organization where procurement and distribution hold true.

39. Mark Larson
Larson is president and COO with electronics distributor Digi-Key. Larson’s name surfaced numerous times in conversations with supply chain managers and academicians, and buyers in OEM and EMS companies commenting on Digi-Key’s innovative ways to make supply chain relationships more responsive. Larson and his executive team understood early on that committed inventory in OEM-EMS supply chains can be an Achilles heel when demand changes. Operating from a single location able to source to anywhere by leveraging existing channels and resources in place near buyers internationally, regionally and locally, Larson has organically grown revenues at a rate equal to, and even faster than, many distributors growing through acquisitions. This lower, fixed asset model is part of the reason Larson’s team leads the distribution industry with a faster response to sudden customer increases in production quantities and with lower operating costs when compared to traditional distributors. (See, also: #82)

38. Ard Verboon
Verboon is director of strategic sourcing ODM, EMS and displays with Avaya. Based in Singapore and accompanied by an engineering background with a long history of purchasing, Verboon has an eye for details with an understanding (based on real experience) with numerous OEM-EMS/ODM partnership models. In short, Verboon understands the granularity of the EMS industry enabling him to make informed assumptions to successfully guide Verboon in his decision-making.

37. Ray Carpenter
Director at Southwest Securities, Carpenter has worked with companies and investors in the electronics, outsourced manufacturing and distribution industries for over 15 years as an equity research analyst and investment banker. Carpenter has authored or co-authored several well-respected and nationally recognized investment and corporate finance articles on the electronic manufacturing services (EMS), electronics distribution and printed circuit board (PCB) industries. (See, also: #32#35#36#43#44#49#51#69#74)

36. Michael Palma
Palma is research manager, worldwide EMS research at IDC. A Silicon Valley native and leading industry research analyst covering the EMS sector and the original design manufacturing (ODM) industry, Palma is well positioned, and well known for, making informed assumptions about electronics manufacturing value chains. Palma writes a number of quarterly reports on EMS for IDC and the firm’s clients. One in particular, ‘Worldwide IDC Electronics Manufacturing Services Market Forecast’ is widely distributed in industry. Quoted widely in industry, he’s also written for Talk with Palma for 10 minutes about EMS and you’ll see why he made our list. Also a dog lover, ask Palma about his Australian cattle dog, Sparky. (See, also: #32#35#37#43#44#49#51#69#74)


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


35. Kevin Kessel
Kessel, a former Wall Street analyst covering the EMS sector and well known during that period for his thoughtful analysis and carefully calculated evaluations of EMS providers surely knows his way around EMS balance sheets, P&L and cash flow statements. Today, Kessel is vice president of investor relations with tier-1 provider Flextronics. While it was just a a few years ago Kessel used to wait in line with other analysts to speak with EMS executives during their quarterly conference calls with Wall Street, today, Kessel accompanies Flextronics CEO Mike McNamara and members of McNamara’s executive team as they field calls from analysts interested in the latest release of Flextronics’ quarterly earnings report. (See, also: #17, #29#32#36#43#44#49#51#69#74)

34. Sharlett Combs
Combs is well equipped in managing OEM-EMS relationships. A global supply chain manager at Lucent with responsibility for EMS operations and OEM-EMS contract management, Combs has seen quite a bit over the years when it comes to product transfers and effective management of external manufacturing operations with EMS providers and other supply chain vendors and their relationships.

33. Ken Shurko
Shurko is senior manager for EMS / ODM outsourcing at Motorola. Shurko’s experience in supplier quality engineering; outsourcing commodity management, supply chain management and EMS / ODM contracts and partnerships management firmly establishes Shurko as a key player in the development and execution of Motorola’s outsourcing design and manufacturing initiatives and strategy with industry-leading EMS and ODM providers. (See, also: #41)

32. Will Stein
A certified financial analyst with investment bank Credit Suisse, Stein and his team of research analysts published an earlier report on what we believe to be the seminal work describing how component manufacturers generate revenue. The insightful report is based on a deep understanding of the relationships between component manufacturers and OEM and EMS provider companies and the important roles played by both chip and product designers. (See, also: #35#37#43#44#49#51#69#74)

31. Ruimin Zhang
Born the same year as the birth of the People’s Republic of China, Zhang is CEO of Haier Group, the world’s No.1 consumer appliances brand and fourth-largest white appliances company. In 2009, Zhang was selected by BusinessWeek as one of China’s most powerful people. Zhang was instrumental in Haier adopting e-commerce for procurement; re-organizing Haier’s supplier base from 2,000 vendors to 200, managing supplier information electronically, engaging suppliers early with product front-end design and using EMS providers to contracting Haier’s manufacturing so Haier can focus on sales and services. Zhang no doubt leads the Chinese consumer appliances industry with a new meaning for the words “Made in China.”

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