The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


50. Walt Custer
Custer has been a fixture in EMS, and the greater electronics industry in general, for years providing valuable trend and metrics information – all accompanied by Custer’s straight up style of analysis and his sound assumptions based on solid reasoning about the global technology business environment. Custer is a recipient of both the IPC President’s Award and the Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award. (See, also: #58, #66, #98)

49. Jamie Wang
Wang is research analyst for research and consulting firm Gartner. Wang’s focus is on electronics hardware outsourcing for both EMS and original design manufacturing (ODM) for the Asia / Pacific region. It’s safe to say Wang has numerous connections across Asia and she knows a thing or two about some of the challenges the world’s largest EMS provider [Foxconn] has faced over recent years. “Foxconn’s suicide tragedies can act as a warning and a lesson to all manufacturers with huge labor forces in China, as they may encounter similar difficulty if they engage in comparable practices,” Wang was quoted saying. “Labor management in China is getting increasingly difficult, and all OEM / EMS / ODM companies should take the matter seriously.” (See, also: #1#8#19#30#32#35#36#37#43#44,#51, #56#69#74#85#87)

48. David Johnson
Johnson’s name surfaced a lot during industry conversations when compiling our list. Director of strategic development for tier-1 EMS provider Jabil, Johnson has been with the Company a while, steadily accumulating more responsibility and influence. Fluent in Japanese, Johnson, a detail-oriented leader often sees things outside-the-box, finding opportunity where many others could not. (See, also: #15#21#27#53)

47. Peg Corbett
Corbett is a global sourcing and contract agreements professional currently in charge of supply chain optics sub-contracting at Goodrich. With a strong career background in global PCBA / commodity / COTS sourcing and solid skills in EMS supplier evaluations and EMS program management; price negotiations, and manufacturing operations environments, Corbett has seen both sides of the fence and is likely to anticipate / root cause problems before many others might, making Corbett a valuable ally for primes, OEM or EMS employers focused on cost containment and managing the fine balance between productivity and quality.

46. Steve Chalgren
Chalgren deeply understands the issues and complexities of DfM when manufacturing technology products. Chalgren spent nearly 10 years in this exact environment before later moving into software product development designed to solves problems manufacturers face. Today, as vice president product management and strategy with Arena Solutions, Chalgren is responsible for charting Arena’s product roadmap and helping OEM and EMS providers better understand how and when components that make up the final product come into the assembly and manufacturing process and their relative impact on purchasing and inventory availability. If your tech product shipment was delivered on time, and without expedite costs, there’s a chance Chalgren had a hand in it happening this way.


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


45. Alok Bharadwaj
Bharadwaj is current president-elect of India’s Manufacturer’s Association of IT Industry (MAIT) while simultaneously carrying out his senior vice president responsibilities with his employer, Canon India. MAIT represents particular segments of India’s IT industry such as hardware and hardware design; training, R&D, and other associated service segments with MAIT’s charter being to create a global competitive Indian IT Industry. MAIT has courted support of India’s domestic electronics capabilities participating in EMS in the past under a previous MAIT president-elect. If EMS in India is to get more attention, we feel Bharadwaj is just the person who can get all parties working together and accomplish this. (See, also: #11#21#26#76#84)

44. Sherry Scribner
Scribner, an analyst with Deutsche Bank, is known for her EMS industry company financial analysis. Scribner follows several EMS providers for the bank but makes Scribner stand out is her depth in understanding of the complex supply chains EMS providers often have and their relationships with EMS-vendor partnerships. You’ll sometimes find Scribner speaking at technology conferences sponsored by the bank. But don’t get fooled into thinking Scribner’s presentations are self-promoting the bank’s larger interests. Scribner writes from an EMS perspective few EMS analysts can. (See, also: #32, #35, #36, #37, #43, #49, #51, #69, #74)

43. Jim Suva
An analyst with Citi, Suva follows the EMS industry. Suva is known in industry for the quality of research and related report writing Suva and his team publishes on the EMS industry. We see a lot of reports generated quarterly regarding pertaining to EMS and we can easily say Suva’s reports are some of the best. Period. (See, also: #32#35#36#37#44#49#51#69#74)

42. Eric Xu
Based in China, Xu is global components commodity director at GE Energy Power Electronics. A disciplined team player with a good deal of knowledge in managing product program migrations across borders, Xu has considerable understanding of the various segments of technology supply chains whether its BOM development and NPI to manufacturing processes, international trade and logistics, all further enhanced by solid sourcing; inventory management and cost analysis capabilities.

41. Lisa Panwell
Panwell is director, global product program management, Android performance smartphones and tablets at Motorola Mobility, recently acquired by Google. Panwell is the right person to help Google challenge Apple’s model by putting [Motorola] software on Google hardware. Panwell has an impressive mix of software development; product portfolio and global program management experience to leverage Motorola’s 14,000+ patents, plus 6,000+ pending patents to supercharge the Android platform and increase competition in mobile computing. No doubt, this will translate to greater product variation and increased outsourcing of high-volume / low-mix mobile products with EMS and ODM partners as mobile computing continues to gain desire among consumers while taking more product market share from notebooks. (See, also: #33)

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