The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


60. Steve Dickinson
Dickinson, an attorney with the law offices of Harris & Moure, co-authors the ‘China Law Blog’ with fellow H&M attorney, Dan Harris. Dickinson is based in Qingdao, China where he speaks and writes Mandarin Chinese fluently. The majority of Dickinson’s practice primarily serves foreign companies that engage in business dealings in China. Dickinson’s focus is on international and China corporate and commercial law; international and China intellectual property protection and technology licensing law, China law, and China outsourcing law.

59. XianDe Zhao
Zhao is professor of operations management in the department of decision sciences and managerial economics, and director of Center for Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Li & Fung Institute of Supply Chain Management / Logistics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. One can easily say Zhao understands Asian and global supply chains. Not to rest on previous appointments, Zhao is also president of the International Association for Information and Management Sciences and vice president of Asia Pacific Institute of Decision Science. Recognized for his achievements at the PRC’s highest levels, Zhao was also selected into the recruitment program of global experts by the organization department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in 2010. No doubt, Zhao has infinite influence in supply chain management research as it relates to further development across the greater China mainland, and beyond China’s borders. (See, also: #54, #56, #62, #71, #78)

58. Don Schroeder
Former president with EMS provider CTS Corporation, Schroeder, now retired and consulting in the EMS industry, also is serving a second term board position with IPC where he chairs the executive market and technology steering committee. During his tenure at CTS, Schroeder ran a tight ship financially and if measured against any metric regarding his ability to get things done. An insightful leader with a good dose of fairness in his business dealings, Schroeder left CTS having laid a good foundation for the company to continue to prosper. (See, also: #50, #62#66, #98, #100)

57. Jouni Hartikainen
In 2011 Hartikainen resigned from his roles of both president and CEO at European EMS provider Elcoteq amid the Company experiencing financial distress. At one time, Elcoteq held promise in the EMS industry under Hartikainen’s leadership because of Elcoteq’s unique EMS model dedicated to serving mobile and handset markets. While not currently involved in EMS directly, Hartikainen is included in our 2012 list because at the time when EMS providers were diversifying and forging into various new markets – incorrectly leading many EMS providers to lose their focus – Hartikainen cut a new path in industry and narrowed his Company’s focus to leverage deep internal expertise in telecom. It also important to point out that during Hartikainen’s leadership at Elcoteq a few EMS providers we talked with, then, also wondered if they too should follow with a similar narrow service offering.

56. Teng Bingsheng
Associate dean of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and associate professor of strategic management in Beijing, China. Teng is responsible for the CKGSB MBA program. Teng has published more than 20 articles on business partnerships, strategic risk taking and other related topics. A lot of Teng’s research is included in many textbooks on strategic management. It was Teng’s article on the suicides at Taiwanese EMS provider Foxconn that originally got our attention. Teng was one of the first to perceive the tragedies at Foxconn as highlight shortcomings in Foxconn’s management philosophy. Teng’s writing / voice encouraging companies to reassess their workplace cultures obsessed with efficiency has been heard by many. (See, also: #1#8#19#30, #49#54#59#62#71#78#85#87)


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


55. Fred Tiso
Tiso is vice president worldwide hardware, software and service supply chains at Citrix Systems. At the forefront of the cloud computing wave, Tiso, a 20-plus year veteran familiar with OEM-EMS engagements, has extensive experience managing all aspects of outsourced supply chains with global EMS partners. From sourcing and NPI to predictive manufacturing cost modeling; materials management, cost reductions and reverse logistics, there’s probably very little Tiso has not seen.

54. Hau Lee
Lee is the Thoma professor of operations, Stanford graduate school of business information and technology and is considered by some to be the world’s foremost academic expert on global supply chain management. Lee is an authority on how businesses can gain advantage by strategically managing their supply networks, including the behind-the-scenes flow of materials, information – and last but not least – money needed to produce goods and services. Working with electronics and non-tech companies alike, Lee has played a major role in the birth of modern supply chain management in these companies and in industry. (See, also: #56, #59, #62, #71, #78)

53. Jozsef Voros
Based in Hungary, Voros is director, strategic purchasing and operations excellence at European EMS provider VIDEOTON Holding. A consummate professional, Voros’ previous experiences in design and development engineering, and as a former business unit manager with tier-1 EMS provider Jabil, provides Voros the added scope, and depth, to serve VIDEOTON’s customers, and the greater EMS industry, with the level of quality and productivity Voros can deliver. (See, also: #15#21#27#48)

52. John Tuck
Tuck is publisher of ‘Manufacturing Market Insider’ (MMI), a subscription-only, eight-page monthly newsletter available online or in print covering global electronics outsourcing and EMS with each issue containing an original cover story, feature articles, industry news and more – all written by this EMS industry veteran. Tuck also compiles and publishes an annual list of the top 50 EMS providers based on MMI’s ranking methodology.

51. Sean Hannan
Hannan provides equity research for investment bank Needham & Co.. Hannan maintains a good grasp on the intricacies of OEM relationships and their relative outsourcing product programs with their EMS provider partners. Frequently, Hannan’s report writing, with commentary, regarding EMS providers goes a step further than most with Hannan providing additional insight into his reasoning. (See, also: #32#35#36#37#43#44#49, #69#74)

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