The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


70. Robert Freid
Robert Freid has a consulting practice on electronics manufacturing services. He once worked in the electronics manufacturing services industry support manufacturing and program management. Robert has written several articles on outsourcing electronics and he has presented talks on the subject of contract manufacturing.

69. Randy Abrams
Abrams is a certified financial analyst with Credit Suisse. Abrams and his team provide equity research on electronic equipment and technology hardware. Under Abrams’ direction, his team spends a lot of time gathering and writing about product in EMS supply chains with some of the world’s biggest EMS players. Whether its handsets, tablets or various other tech products Abrams’ reports are comprehensive, often drilling down much further and with more effort revealing a greater deal of transparency in product supply chains for products companies in Abrams’ universe whether its by comparing pricing for competing products or adding additional research on secondary and tertiary vendors in a particular product’s supply chain. (See, also: #32#35#36#37#43#44#49#51#74)

68. Randall Sherman
Randall is founder and president at New Venture Research which provides business intelligence, growth management and advisory services to technology companies. Sherman also publishes his annual report, ‘The Worldwide Electronics Assembly Market’ focusing on the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry. Sherman’s firm also publishes other electronics industry reports, all with original content and balanced assumptions highlighting trends and forecasts across their respective technology sectors

67. Pamela Gordon
Gordon is founder and president with consulting and research firm Technology Forecasters. Gordon was one of the first to bring OEM and EMS decision makers together in one location on a large scale to encourage discussion and collect information on like-minded EMS industry concerns with an industry quarterly forum agenda which Gordon later divested. A visionary, Gordon was also one of the first in the electronics industry to promote clean and green mindfulness in corporate board rooms with her 2001 book, ‘Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment.’

66. Susan Mucha
Mucha is president at Powell-Mucha Consulting which helps EMS providers improve internal systems and go-to-market strategies for better OEM account acquisition and building EMS brands. Mucha penned a book on EMS account acquisition titled, ‘Find It. Book It. Grow It’ which has become read by many EMS industry business development, marketing and sales professionals. Mucha has also been involved with IPC coursework development and teaching regarding EMS program management. (See, also: #50#58#98)


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


65. Harold L. Sirkin
A senior partner with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Sirkin oversees the firm’s operations practice. His depth of knowledge and scope of understanding of global supply chain operations is impressive by any metric. Sirkin has co-authored several BCG reports including ‘Capturing Global Advantage’ (2004), ‘Globalizing R&D: Knocking Down the Barriers’ (2005) and ‘Globalizing R&D: Building a Pathway to Profits’ (2005). His recent BCG report titled: ‘Made in America Again: Why manufacturing will return to the U.S.’ (2011) was co-authored with fellow BCG colleagues Michael Zinser and Douglas Hohner.

64. Nikko Chan
Chan is enterprise supply chain director for Western Europe at Huawei, the Chinese networking equipment giant. Chan has been with the company since 2005 and has steadily climbed the managerial ladder from his first position with the Company as a senior logistics specialist to become a major supply chain thought leader in Europe. Chan’s focus is on design and developing European logistics / supply chain network and strategy. Chan oversees logistics, EMS and service provider management, budget and cost management for Huawei’s European region. We’re betting that as Huawei’s business continues to expand and requires delicate supply chain and supplier adjustments with careful fine-tuning Chan will continue to rise to the occasion.

63. John Myers
Myers is a jack-of-all-trades. Over the years, the former furniture maker, realtor and Texas-based pastor has simultaneously offered electronics industry recruitment services in the name of his EMS industry search and placement firm Step Beyond, where Myers devotes most of his time and energy today. Myers also stays active with his industry Linkedin group.

62. Gary L. Ragatz
Associate professor at Michigan State University, Ragatz instructs students and anyone else fortunate enough to hear his pearls of wisdom, in the art of procurement, operations and supply chain management. Ragatz is the co-director of Michigan’s Broad School’s purchasing and supply chain management executive seminar. He has authored and co-authored a small library (26 books) on supply chain management and operations and is an associate editor for Journal of Supply Chain Management, and he serves on the Editorial Review Board for Journal of Operations Management and Decision Sciences. (See, also: #54, #56#58, #59, #71, #78)

61. Charlie Barnhart
Founder and principle at Charlie Barnhart & Associates, this consultancy run by Barnhart focuses on EMS industry best practices and strategy while also serving up some original research. Barnhart offers a seminar designed to highlight best practices on EMS global pricing methodology plus an outsourcing navigator classwork series taught for the benefit of both EMS and OEM companies.

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