The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services (EMS)” – 2012

Our ‘best of’ list of the individuals who make the largest impressions.


10. Yunting Dong
Dong is chairman of the China Electronics Enterprises Association (CEEA), the oldest and most influential organization of manufacturers of electronics products in China. Dong is intimately familiar with a high number of various Chinese electronics enterprise types and serves as the industry representative to local and overseas governments. Previously, Dong was director of the Center for Strategic Studies, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (a scientific research institution under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). Dong has considerable knowledge pertaining to economics regarding China’s electronics industry based on key market research and forecasts. Dong also has deep experience with China’s tech industry when it comes to strategic planning and development. Of noteworthy importance, Dong advocates focusing on quality and efficiency over scale when it comes to the enterprise.

9. Tom Donohue
Donohue is president and CEO of the U.S. chamber of commerce. While Donohue can sometimes be a lightning rod for some business leaders and special interest groups in Washington, Donohue has a reputation for not sensationalizing issues – often backing up his positions with reasoning based on fact. Needless to say, not everyone agrees with Donohue’s views on American manufacturing, U.S. jobs and offshoring / EMS. “Outsourcing has made the manufacturing process more efficient and productive,” said Donohue in a 2007 interview with “Outsourcing has also made us work smarter and made workers able to take advantage of one of the United States’ greatest assets – the spirit of innovation.” We couldn’t agree more.

8. President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff
By now, most people in the EMS industry know that the world’s largest EMS provider, Foxconn, has expressed investment interest in Brazil, one of Latin America’s most prominent, and growing electronics markets. President Rousseff has said in the past the Foxconn investment could be upwards of $12 billion. While no one knows for sure what this may do to the landscape of Latin America’s, and the world’s, EMS landscape one thing for sure is any sizeable investment by Foxconn in money and infrastructure will impact how global electronics OEMs develop and execute their sourcing plans of action and distribution strategies. President Rousseff could soon find herself positioning the economic cornerstone in Brazilian business circles for her country eventually having one of the fastest growth rates among the BRIC nations and thus possibly elevating the socioeconomic status of untold Brazilian households for generations to come. (See, also: #1, #16#19#30#49#56#85#87)

7. Michael Dell
A household name for sure, Dell is chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the organization that bears his name. Dell founded Dell in 1984 at the age of 19 with $1,000. Dell (the man and his company) revolutionized the selling of personal computers, using a direct-business model whose fundamental tenets included taking custom orders directly from customers, thereby reducing inventory and streamlining distribution. In 2001 when most computer manufacturers held 30 + days of inventory Dell held five. An innovative leader keenly aware of the changing competitive business environment, those is in EMS are familiar with Dell’s very clean online order entry and direct fulfillment practices directly tied to its external EMS partner factories.

6. Barry Lam
Lam is the founder and chairman of Quanta Computer. His electronics career began when Lam and some former classmates founded Kinpo, an EMS provider manufacturing calculators at the time, which Lam later built it into the largest contract manufacturer of calculators while serving as president. Lam later envisioned notebook computers dominating the tech sector as the next big product so Lam and a colleague later formed Quanta. Today, the top 10 original design manufacturer designs and manufactures for numerous tech OEMs. Lam is also driving the hot cloud computing market directly to end-users.


VO Top 100 EMS Influencer-2012


5. John Chambers
Chambers is chairman of the board and CEO at Cisco Systems. Chambers joined Cisco as senior vice president of worldwide sales and operations in 1991 and assumed the role of CEO in 1985 and is credited with growing the Company from $1.2 billion in annual revenues to its current run-rate of more than $40 billion. Chambers is well known in EMS circles for being credited with embracing outsourcing with EMS providers early on in the product lifecycle and implementing very robust metrics and issuing EMS provider report cards that have helped Cisco achieve very effective management of the Company’s EMS partners. (See, also: #24)

4. Ray Chen
Chen is president, CEO and managing director at Compal, a tier-1 Taiwanese ODM. An electronics industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience with noted expertise in notebook, display, and mobile phone design and manufacturing operations, it is Chen’s operational acumen enhanced by Chen’s unique ability to select and assemble highly competent executive teams able to carry out a single vision that makes Chen a respected leader with Compal plus at a number of other companies where Chen serves concurrently as chairman and president. Chen is also the director of Taipei Computer Association.

3. Tim Cook
Before being named CEO of Apple in August 2011, Cook was Apple’s chief operating officer responsible for all of the Company’s worldwide sales and operations, including end-to-end management of Apple’s supply chain, sales activities, as well as service and support in all markets and countries. If you live in a distant corner of the world and you have an iPhone, you can thank Cook. Cook’s ground breaking work in supply chain management led to Apples emergence as having one of the largest and most effective consumer technology product operations in the world Perhaps this is also why most EMS providers would like to have Apple on their customer list.

2. Rock Hsu
Hsu is chairman at leading Taiwanese tier-1 ODM, Compal. Hsu also concurrently serves as chairman of more than 30 other technology companies, including Cal-Comp Electronics (another tier-1 ODM) and Kinpo Electronics, an ODM/EMS provider. Among Hsu’s numerous other accomplishments, included are appointment as honorary director-general of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association; deputy director-general Chinese National Federation of Industries, and national policy advisor under the Office of the President and advisor of the executive Yuan.

1. Terry Guo
Love him or hate him, if you know EMS, you have something to say about Terry Guo. Guo has had the most significant impact on EMS. Chairman and president of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (better known as Foxconn), the world’s largest and most vertically integrated EMS provider, Guo and his team have built an EMS powerhouse as famous for news headlines about its employees as it is for how well the Company can execute Guo’s mandates. There is not one tier-1 EMS industry executive out there who doesn’t have Foxconn in his rear-view mirror. Whether its manufacturing Apple’s iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle and Microsoft XBox game consoles or motherboards and other consumer electronics products, under Guo’s leadership, Foxconn has proven ocean liners can turn on a dime. For those that don’t know, Foxconn is the world’s largest maker of electronics components and printed circuit boards. The Company is also known for aggressively protecting every inch of its market share in segments where it does business. Given Foxconn’s size (the Company is also the largest private-sector employer in China) and the formidable influence Foxconn can wield in the marketplace when it comes to negotiating supply chain costs and customer pricing, it should come as no surprise to anyone Guo is number one on our list. (See, also: #8#19#30#49#56#85, #87)

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