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VIDEO – Foxconn Fear Factory: How American manufacturing can compete with China

VIDEO – The Daily Show host Jon Stewart adding his usual schtick to labor and working conditions inside factories at Chinese EMS provider Foxconn.
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VIDEO – Apple supply chain transparency and supplier responsibility must also influence public opinion


VIDEO – Apple’s first fiscal quarter earnings, which were just released, more than doubled (+118%) from the same period one year ago. One could easily say things are under control. Apple takes a seat at the table of public opinion with both hands visible and palms facing upward – its body language clearly indicating a willingness to cooperate – while citing numerous violations and areas of concern.
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Can your company be as successful as Apple?

Do these five or six things and you win. It starts at the top. If your CEO is incentivized for short-term gains in the stock market and you do not hear from him between quarterly reports you will never be numero uno, dos or tres.
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