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Vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) consolidation targets the self-driving autonomous car

Today, one-third of the cost for a car is from electronics. This is expected to become 40% soon. We share how this takes place with details on car technology and features.

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Demand underpins electric vehicle battery capacity and EV passenger vehicle projections

Rising demand not expected to let up anytime soon. Projections broken down by vehicle type and global demand and geography.
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Smart car systems and ADAS opportunities in contract PCB assembly

Technical capabilities automotive OEMs should look for when seeking contract PCB assembly manufacturing partners for embedded system design and production.
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Demand exceeds solutions for electrical cables, wiring harness assembly in Silicon Valley, beyond


Industry trends are making finding capacity for quality electrical cable and wiring harness design and manufacturing assembly challenging. This article offers some solutions.
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Electric vehicle (EV) sales, marketshare, forecast by model, make, country

The China EV market is still at an early stage but it’s the same everywhere – of the 95 million cars sold globally, electric cars made up less than 1%. However, demand is growing rapidly in China.
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Robotics drives automotive, industrial electronics manufacturing opportunities

Electronics OEM company needs for lowering manufacturing costs and the contract electronics manufacturing (CEM) industry are encouraged to keep an eye on relationships between these markets.
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