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Sub-contract electronics services design agreement for OEMs

This sub-contract electronics design services agreement can help broaden understanding when your electronics design services are further sub-contracted.
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Can your company be as successful as Apple?

Do these five or six things and you win. It starts at the top. If your CEO is incentivized for short-term gains in the stock market and you do not hear from him between quarterly reports you will never be numero uno, dos or tres.
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Celestica CEO talks internal changes, acquisitions, EMS

Celestica has not made any major acquisitions since Muhlhauser took over as CEO in 2006. Things are much different today. Muhlhauser and his team did a good job of managing profitability during this last downturn. However, more revenue is needed to drive …
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Design guru John Maeda on Apple’s love potion and product design

In this popular interview Dr. Maeda isolates the source behind Apple’s iPhone success; discusses product design for manufacturing (DfM) and end-user usability, and more.
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Medical electronics product design contract agreement


The following is what a typical medical product design outsourcing contract agreement being presented by a contract manufacturer offering medical product design and manufacturing services.
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