Survey: Top ranked China manufacturing alternatives for supply chain relocation

By Staff

Many say Vietnam and Malaysia are primary benefactors of the US-China trade war. Using machine learning to analyze big data, combined with survey techniques, ASEAN manufacturing locations identified as alternatives to China for relocating supply chains, and ranked by [survey] popularity by the economics team at J.P. Morgan (June 2019), presented below, from top to bottom in order of seemingly most desirable, we present these nations as follows:

  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand

To better understand some of the drivers motivating companies to relocate their manufacturing supply chains, in addition to large working-age populations, relatively low wages and salary structure and high skills levels, we encourage readers to take a look at these articles listed here, and here.

Additionally, please review the SEE ALSO section located at the bottom of this article where you can click on related article links as you gather information about making more informed decisions concerning tariffs, trade and manufacturing supply chain management.


The chart below reveals China domestic value-added content of manufacturing imports, based on China’s top 10 trading partners, as a share of China’s total value added embodied in imports.

Asia manufacturing sourcing

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