Smart car systems and ADAS opportunities in contract PCB assembly

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Automotive OEMs, in an effort to boost sales volumes, are increasing the number of embedded systems, features and technical capabilities, especially in the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) market. Current car manufactures and existing, and new entrants, for electric vehicles (EV) are targeting digitalization, autonomous driving and new mobility features and services.

PCB assembly contract manufacturers serving the automative contract electronics market will be rewarded who can design and manufacturing smart car systems software and hardware.

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Smart car systems and features

Below are nine smart car system features and accompanying functions automotive OEMS are focusing on. We also include a chart for Global EV monthly shipment trends for passenger and commercial vehicles, including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

1. Facial recognition which can automatically unlock vehicle doors, adjust driver settings, and receive video feedback from the camera.

2. Touch display featuring large screens to relieve visual fatigue, and create easier controls with touchable screens.

3. Enhanced gesture control enabling driver character input by finger, allowing more comprehensive control v voice only controls.

4. Voice user interfaces that command smart car systems while driving and able to recognize users’ voice and provide tailor-made functions.

5. Intelligent navigation provider drivers up-to-date maps in high definition, adjust driving route based on real-time traffic, and memorize user driving habits.

6. App remote controls enabling drivers to start their vehicle in advance, inspect vehicle status and safety remotely, and integrate other, key functions into apps.

7. Head-up displays that shorten distraction time for users while driving, also displaying real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s condition.

8. Over-the-air system updates (downloads) that ensure a vehicle’s smart car system is up-to-date and eliminates time required to visit technicians/shops, and capable to back-up vehicle information.

9. Connection with devices so drivers can access/view schedules on vehicle screens, control smartphones through voice commands, and use driver smartphone features from the vehicle’s dashboard.

Global EV monthly shipment trend

Chart above is for combined passenger vehicles (PV) plus commercial vehicles (CV), and includes PHEVs and BEVs from Nomura research based on SNE Research.

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