Questions for manufacturers connecting devices to IoT clouds

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Finding the adoption rate for storage systems used by manufacturers connecting devices to IoT clouds is not enough. Connected device manufacturers need to know how many devices are 32-bit vs 64-bit? How many systems are based on microcontrollers vs microprocessors, because factory automation systems can be more simple (think: microcontrollers) but they will have limited function.

Whereas microprocessors are more sophisticated and can accommodate larger software loads and be more efficient with applications – which then leads into deciding on the type(s) of operating systems and, knowing whether or not human-machine interface is supported, etc…

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Today’s smart(er) appliances have more modern interfaces and they also require microprocessors (vs controllers).

Beyond controllers and processors, manufacturers with IoT clouds need to ask what software assets do I needed to support real-time operating systems? Which, by the way, require microcontrollers.

For OEM manufacturers seeking cloud partners, ask how many devices they can manage? Is your opportunity about having more devices in the cloud or, is your objective having more types of devices with greater functionality and features sets?

Over the years, the growth in cloud workloads has increased demand at public cloud and managed hosting service providers and this trend is expected to continue.

Workloads migrating to the cloud

Growing data center demand and bill of materials (BOM) line items impact how commodity buyers use contract electronics partners as global data center IP traffic is expected to grow 25 percent CAGR, five years through 2021, from 6.8 zettabytes per to 1 trillion gigabytes. For infrastructure, the market is expected to grow to US$168 billion in 2023, according to IDC. Read more about this here.

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