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Semiconductor recovery: Strong year-end performance expected

Although global semiconductor revenue is set to decline in 2009 for the second consecutive year, quarterly year-over-year growth is expected to finally return to the market in …
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China semiconductors market at $80 billion in 2010

China semiconductor market to grow by 17.8%. Automotive electronics only major application market to generate an increase in semiconductor demand in 2009. Wireless communications semiconductor market to decline to …
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Visiting ODMs on-site: Quanta, ASUSTEK, Compal, Wistron, MiTAC, Qisda…

Prior to the on-site visit, OEMs should have a full supplier vendor evaluation survey completed. This survey will help to establish the visit’s agenda and it should include…
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Report: Changing PC sector, market share, emerging markets, forecast considerations

Deutsche Bank believes the PC market is set for a significant, multi-year recovery cycle driven by the combination of an improving global economy, new product upgrade cycles and further penetration growth in developing economies. In the report, several key factors are cited as aligning which could drive significant improvement in PC unit growth over the next 12 to 24 months, such as…
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6 REACH compliance steps for aerospace, defense foreign military sale

U.S. Department of Defense has no program in place for completing substance registrations. Hundreds of substances are at risk in the supply chain. If your supplier has not pre-registered a non-exempt substance then you are currently putting an illegal product on the EU market. Your choices are to either get the supply chain to register the substance immediately or register it yourself via an EU affiliate or representative.
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Chasing EMS value with low-volume / high-mix


Well-done high-mix, low-cost EMS work requires strong process engineering, good systems and infrastructure, and experienced management talent. Many EMS companies, particularly in low-volume / high-mix are continuing to lose money …

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Trend: Embedded components center stage at printed circuits show

Manufacturing companies for rigid circuit boards, flex circuits and modules are the front runners to bring this technology to market. Support for the technology is also coming …
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Taiwan electronics end-market demand trends

According to industry researchers, after just two months of relatively strong, above seasonal performance, Taiwan monthly sales were just slightly ahead of seasonal. The report breaks down trends for each of the following end-markets …

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Taiwan IC Design: Netbook opportunities, challenges

Nonetheless, this may not necessarily be viewed as negative for Taiwan fabless companies as the lower IC content should be offset by Taiwan’s nearly 100% market share of the netbook market compared to …
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Nam Tai Electronics’ management vacuum and margins plunge

A management vacuum has been left in the wake of the departures. As a result, Nam Tai Electronics no longer …
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