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Industrial electronics Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity

The IoT segment may not be capital or labor-intensive but this segment will require hiring significant numbers of R&D engineers because each product requires a high degree of customization due to the high-mix / low-volume nature of the business.
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Software license, product supply, support agreement for mobile chipset

Software licensing and product supply and support agreement between North American telecommunications company focused in the mobile and smartphone market and a China-based chipset provider for multi-media, digital cordless and VoIP industry applications.
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Q&A from Webinar: Cost Reduction Strategy in Semiconductor Operations

Webinar speaker Maximilian Staudinger takes time to answer additional attendee questions submitted at time of Webinar registration, or during the event, which the speaker did not have time to respond to during the event due to event time constraints.
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Electronics product flowchart for NPI

Most standard NPI business models contain four turn time variations. These include the standard five-day turn, a three-day turn, a 48-hour turn, and the increasingly-popular 24-hour turn.
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Understanding how semiconductor design engineers think

Design engineers need to know they are picking the best components for their design. But, it turns out their biggest fear is not knowing whether the component parts they choose will be reliably available for the entire life of the product they are designing.
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Electronics distribution: Choosing a global or regional distributor in a flat world

Your corporate procurement team manages your global distributor strategy while also observing situations in each country. In doing so, the team can better identify competitive distributors performing well. Two strategy methodologies the author suggests are bottom-up distributor selection and top-down distributor selection.
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AUDIO – How Apple iPad is impacting tablet OEM, semiconductor and EMS / ODM firms


Apple’s iPad is clearly the dominant tablet in the market. What does all of this mean for OEM tablet makers; semiconductor firms, ODM / EMS manufacturing relationships and the consumer?
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Will iPad 3 get killed by Android and Windows 8?

Apple is believed to have phenomenal product momentum (iPhone 4S, iOS 5), expanding distribution and a solid product pipeline.
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6 PCB Design mistakes to avoid designing printed circuit boards

Segments included in this process for critical design reviews, following completion of the schematic, can include review of initial components placement on the correct PCB form-factor board envelope. Then, after the routing is complete…
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