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American auto manufacturing needs help. Again?

Where we are today is a result of failed U.S. auto industry management and failed unions policies. Labor unions have been turning a blind eye to all of this saying, its not my job, when that's exactly whose job it is.

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Benchmark Electronics EMS profile and challenges

The Pemstar acquisition failed to offset the much larger than expected 42 percent year-over-year sales decline Benchmark…
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EMS segment performance

The performance of many large, global EMS companies such as Jabil Circuit, Flextronics, Celestica, to name a few, is surely not …
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Wall Street on EMS vs. ODM market share and market segments

Wall Street discusses EMS vs. ODM market share, various market segments, emerging market opportunities and …

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China’s risk: Bubbles burst, that’s what they do

Combined, all of these issues, and many others are becoming fault lines in the foundation that has allowed China to recover from the economic …

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Trends reveal test engineering challenges to balance timelines and budgets

Test engineers in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics face complicated testing. One issue facing engineers is that test instrumentation is not updated as rapidly as the devices being tested. Functionality of these complex devices is being defined by the software embedded in them, such as…
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Acquisition gives Flextronics expanded global footing and capabilities

Until recently, Flextronics’ largest market segment was mobile phones, which accounted for over 30% of revenue. With the acquisition of Solectron this changes the entire landscape of the EMS, and ODM, industries.
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Taking the pulse of EMS

While internal, defensive, cost-control issues dominated the companies’ reports; most firms also …
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L&T Capital buys stake in Indian EMS provider Rangsons Electronics

L&T Capital, merchant banker with a sharp focus on investment banking and capital market activities, buys stake in Mysore, Karnataka, India-based Rangsons Electronics for approximately Rs 100 crores. The deal is expected…
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Gartner says electronics equipment production in India to reach $32 billion in 2011

Semiconductor consumption in India will more than double from $2.8 billion in 2006 to $7.2 billion in 2011. The growth in electronic equipment production is being bolstered by the rapidly growing demand for electronics equipments in India.
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