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Mexico: Could value chain limits impact electronics re-shoring?

Countries cannot be or continue being competitive without efficient links with global markets. Do the relationships Mexico has with various global EMS providers located in the country offer enough of a transfer of capital, know-how, technology, standard and value-added services to represent global value chain contribution from Mexico?
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Full report: EMS / ODM worry about profitability as fall 2011 survey reveals pessimism in electronics supply chain

471 survey respondents from EMS/ODM, Component Manufacturers, Distributors, Electronic Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs and Semiconductor Manufacturers answer questions on the economic situation; employment, inventory levels, business volume, and prices providing insight into the levels of …
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EMS provider OnCore CEO interview

OnCore electronics services CEO talk about end markets the provider serves and challenges taking place in industrial, medical and defense / aerospace electronics sectors.

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Breakdown of electronics end markets served by top EMS providers


Non-traditional EMS markets make up larger portion of business for smaller EMS providers such as Benchmark Electronics, Plexus. Automotive, medical electronics believed to be pivotal components to helping EMS market out of the recession. Also, covers Foxconn, Hon Hai, Jabil Circuit, Flextronics, Sanmina-SCI, Celestica.
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EMS as a growth industry and reasons for optimism

EMS industry underestimated. Growth opportunities seen at numerous EMS companies. Sanmina-SCI in major identity makeover. Flextronics disproportionate beneficiary in computing. Clean tech aids non-traditional EMS sectors. OEMs reevaluate strategies.

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Celestica CEO talks internal changes, acquisitions, EMS

Celestica has not made any major acquisitions since Muhlhauser took over as CEO in 2006. Things are much different today. Muhlhauser and his team did a good job of managing profitability during this last downturn. However, more revenue is needed to drive …
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Choosing providers: EMS or ODM?

The landscape for outsourcing electronics has changed significantly in the recent decade resulting from a combination of the emergence of the Taiwanese original design manufacturers (ODM) as well as the consolidation of traditional EMS providers. Companies such as Compal, Quanta, Wistron and Inventec …
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Printed circuit board and related materials trends

Many mid-sized flexible circuits manufacturers displayed 20 microns pitch and finer circuits for single-sided and double-sided circuits. A few companies employed the semi-additive process for pitches finer than …
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Chasing EMS value with low-volume / high-mix


Well-done high-mix, low-cost EMS work requires strong process engineering, good systems and infrastructure, and experienced management talent. Many EMS companies, particularly in low-volume / high-mix are continuing to lose money …

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Indian EMS SMT growth 13.2% through 2012

Telecommunications and automotive are the most prominent industries in India, contributing significantly to the country's GDP, and this expected to continue in the coming years to …

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