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EMS computing eyes Acer, HP battle PC shipments, market share

Aggressive pricing helps Asian PC makers as OEM captures first time No. 2 position. Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba contribute to 79.9 million PC units shipped third quarter. Flextronics, Hon Hai take top market positions in EMS computing sector.
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EMS and billions spent by tech-savvy students this year

US college students to spend all-time high in 2009. Computer and consumer electronics account for majority EMS and ODM revenues. Companies with large EMS consumer electronics market shares include Hon Hai, Flextronics, Foxconn, High Tech Computer …
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iPhone market share: Enterprise demand may buck trends

There is growing evidence that the iPhone is making inroads into the enterprise. Although Apple has a relatively small position today, some on Wall Street expect Apple to gain considerable share in the enterprise market over the next several years, possibly driving upside to many Street estimates.
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25% of cars with cell phone remote control embedded telematics by 2016

Worldwide shipments of cars equipped with systems capable of remote control via a cell phone or other device are set to rise to 20.7 million units in 2016, up from 85,000 in …
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China semiconductors market at $80 billion in 2010

China semiconductor market to grow by 17.8%. Automotive electronics only major application market to generate an increase in semiconductor demand in 2009. Wireless communications semiconductor market to decline to …
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Visiting ODMs on-site: Quanta, ASUSTEK, Compal, Wistron, MiTAC, Qisda…

Prior to the on-site visit, OEMs should have a full supplier vendor evaluation survey completed. This survey will help to establish the visit’s agenda and it should include…
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China iPhone market demand projections

  Some industry reports indicate Apple could soon be announcing a partnership with China Unicom to distribute the iPhone across mainland China. While is unsure of the pending partnership, reports are providing insight into what Apple’s China iPhone venture …
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Dell strategy: Mobile PC outsourcing benefits and drawbacks

Starting from late 2007, Dell began to experiment with a manufacturing approach that had been used by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Acer for years, which was to let ODMs ship …
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Taiwan electronics end-market demand trends

According to industry researchers, after just two months of relatively strong, above seasonal performance, Taiwan monthly sales were just slightly ahead of seasonal. The report breaks down trends for each of the following end-markets …

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Mobile phones: Troubled contract manufacturing?

When the economy is strong and market demand is good, this model will help an EMS provider grow because economies of scale can be leveraged and the manufacturing business and the component business can …
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