Pilot build checklist for electronics system integration box build programs

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For electronics OEM professionals working with contract electronics solutions provider for their box build systems integration programs, below are (partial) areas OEM decision makers should know their EMS partners are tracking or managing effectively as your OEM box build pilot approaches its production run.

Key segments of your EMS provider-managed systems integration product pilot build are indicated in bold, with some accompanying details for each segment. Printed here is just a partial document (checklist).

OEM readers can request the full checklist (PDF) which includes additional segments – each with detail – plus it displays responsible titles or department functions for each step, action or activity within each segment.

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(PDF) Pilot build checklist for systems integration box build programs

Formal Quote for Assembly Sent to OEM Buyer
Quote for All NRE Charges Sent to OEM Buyer

MRP/Forecast Loaded into System
Pipeline Reports Updated
Material Shortages Identified and Resolved

Materials Management
Parts Transferred from NPI to Buyers
Buyer Codes Updated
Transfer BOM/ECO from NPI to Planners

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Open Work Order
Transfer Work Order to Shop Floor
Line Layout and Balancing Issues Addressed

Test Printed Circuit Board Level (Assembled)
Gold Board in place
Functional Test Scripts Complete and Loaded
Functional Test Fixtures Verified

Request checklist (PDF)
OEM readers request our checklistPilot Build Checklist – Electronics System Integration Box Build

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