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OEM hardware pilot build new product launch specs for EMS manufacturing

By VentureOutsource.com Staff

After all of the effort startups and global enterprise OEMs invest in managing the RFQ and quote process with their EMS partners, companies want to make sure their new product (pilot) build launch programs as planned for product manufacturing, quality and test and, OEM programs follow an expected pathway to meet OEM product requirements. (See table)

To help meet your established goals and objectives participating EMS and OEM teams members will usually include at least the following functions:

EMS provider quality engineer
EMS NPI process engineer
EMS test engineer
EMS production process engineer
EMS component engineer
OEM manufacturing test engineer
OEM quality engineer

Supplier assessment criteria for electronic design skill and capabilities
(PDF) Pilot build checklist for systems integration box build programs
Hardware startup strategy for electronics design and manufacturing
Questions for electronics hardware startup founders seeking investor funding

EMS providers are typically tasked with reviewing and updating OEM program documents frequently as changes occur. The manufacturing, quality and test plan documents are typically reviewed by the OEM customer for completeness prior to each EMS quarterly business review.

Pilot build goals, objectives

For example, see table below where the following (reasonable) target spec goals and objectives might be established for a new program pilot OEM hardware build and launch:

Process Prototype Pilot Pilot+90 Days Pilot+180 Days
PCB Assembly ICT  n/a  80%  93%  96%
PCB Assembly Functional Test  n/a  85%  95%  98.5%
Systems Functional Test  80%  95%  98%  99.5%
RMA*  n/a  n/a  .25%  .10%

Process issues

Where OEM program process related issues occur, the following steps are then taken:

The engineering team (Quality, Process, Equipment or Test) will stop the build and will proceed with the following action plan:

  1. Analyze the data that shows the process issue
  2. Determine which process step, machine, tooling, test equipment … is causing the process issue
  3. Verify machine settings v. documented settings, tooling design or test equipment configuration
  4. Perform the proper changes in the machine, tooling, and test equipment to correct the process issue
  5. Document the new process changes in the pilot validation test (PVT) report

OEM Audit of EMS Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) Capability (13 pages)
OEM Audit of EMS Provider (17 pages)
OEM Audit of Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) (9 pages)
OEM Audit to Assess EMS Provider IDL Errors & Timely Execution (17 pages)

Components issues

Where OEM program component related issues occur, the following steps are taken:

The engineering team (failure analysis (FA), quality or test) will stop the build and will proceed will the following action plan:

  1. Analyze the data that shows the component issueFollow the FA guidelines established in the OEM supplier procedure for FA
  2. If the failure is correlated and shows a repetitive trend, EMS communicates immediately to OEM customer for disposition. All affected components will be segregated for further analysis.
  3. If failure is correlated and does not show a repetitive trend, EMS provider continues with the rest of the build.
  4. If failure is not correlated and does not show a repetitive trend, EMS providers continues with the rest of the build.
  5. EMS provider documents all FA information in the PVT report.

Design issues

Where electronics design related issues occur and, the goals committed are not met due to a design problem, the engineering team should immediately communicate the issues to OEM for root cause, resolutiona and/or disposition.

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Production deployment / sustaining

Once things are underway, OEMs can expect their EMS partner to participate, provide/execute with the following:

  • Weekly product operations action items register/log
  • OEM product ECO / change documentation log
  • Manufacturing process / test change log
  • Updates to continuous improvement plan
  • Weekly quality / yield reports
  • Weekly RMA (return material authorization) data report
  • EMS Quarterly business review (QBR)

*RMA: See procedures for EMS provider warranty and repairs for customer product defects, authorized field returns.

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