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Electronics solutions provider Kimball Electronics serves four primary industries: industrial and medical electronics, automotive electronics and public safety which can be further broken down into sectors such as military and defense and aerospace electronics, to name a few.

Automotive electronics solutions accounted for almost 40% to Kimball’s revenues for fiscal year 2016. Services Kimball offers in automotive electronics include electronics design and assemblies and technologies for critical safety features and products like air bag electronic crash units (ECU), stability control ECUs, power steering electronics, sensors, telematics, infotainment systems, video camera systems and compass and navigation systems.

Industrial electronics solutions contributed roughly 22% to Kimball’s revenues for fiscal year 2016. Services Kimball provides in this area include industrial electronics product lifecycle design plus full support repair and reverse logistics services for industrial controls and instrumentation for its electronic assemblies it produces for customers. Some product types Kimball customer employ the Kimball’s services for include industrial motor and electrical motor controls, flow metering and power metering controls, industrial/communications infrastructure equipment and semiconductor power modules and pumping system controllers using assemblies Kimball manufacturers

Medical electronics solutions contributed almost 30% to revenues for Kimball’s fiscal year 2016. Kimball Electronics’ large contribution for its work in medical electronics is printed circuits board assemblies. Kimball also offers medical electronics design services with its manufacturing capabilities plus, support services designed for the full range of lifecycle for electronics medical equipment and healthcare electronics industry sectors. Some examples of medical electronics products Kimball supports for its customers include ultrasound equipment and surgical instruments, MRI equipment, biomedical testing devices with full support across North America, Europe and Asia.

Rounding out the last primary industry contributing to Kimball’s revenues is work in public safety (military, defense, aerospace) including such products as emergency personnel communication system chargers, thermal imaging systems, fire protection equipment, biometric electronics, material identification systems to the tune of roughly 7% of revenue for fiscal year 2016.

The remaining, roughly 2% of total revenues contributing to Kimball’s fiscal year for 2016 come from Kimball’s solutions to various other markets.


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Kimball is focused on expanding its global footprint electronics solutions across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and continuing to offer a wider and deeper range of value complex systems assembly, key technologies and, metals and plastics allowing Kimball to welcome in more aspects of the customer supply chain to create those deeper and more valuable customer relationships.


Some solutions providers serving similar markets as Kimball Electronics with similar technology and service capabilities include Benchmark Electronics, AsteelflashKeyTronicEMS, Jabil, Sanmina, Flex, Kitron, Plexus among dozens of others. Decision makers considering any provider should focus on provider management, technical and, services capability specific to the factory location(s) where your program will be managed.

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