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Benchmark Electronics product life cycle strategy in a gray sea of EMS manufacturing differentiation

Many other EMS manufacturers offer similar capabilities. OEM Community on lets OEM decision makers ask peers about their experience.
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First-tier EMS, ODM consolidation: Why mergers and acquisitions are not happening


Contract electronics consolidation lacking among top-tier EMS manufacturing and electronics ODM firms, primarily because (most) OEM customers can easily pack up their outsourcing programs and migrate to alternate, competing EMS and ODM providers. Any first-tier EMS or ODM acquirer would …
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How to use contract manufacturing RFQ cost templates

Used properly, manufacturing cost templates can uncover hidden cost for outsource contract manufacturing pricing quotes.
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EMS sourcing red flags OEMs should look for when outsourcing SMT, PCB assembly and electro-mechanical manufacturing

A couple of red flags electronic OEMs should look for when outsource contract manufacturing and sourcing EMS (electronics manufacturing services). EMS manufacturer explanations for rising receivables are usually inadequate. Its typically bad for electronics EMS providers if receivables are rising …
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Relocating supply chains reveal capacity shortages

Shifting manufacturing supply chains reveal inadequate coverage and capacity shortages pushing many South East Asian nations to align infrastructure investment and capability with demand. Expected infrastructure spend per GDP below for Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam. Based on …
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Contract manufacturing industry low productivity asset turnover challenge

Read why your outsource manufacturing cost model template is just as important as finding the right EMS manufacturing partner.
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China massive Belt and Road Initiative integrating Eurasia and global supply chains

Projects touch 152 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas — integrating manufacturing and enterprise supply chains.
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India domestic EMS manufacturers continue to struggle

Little seems to go right for many India-domestic EMS manufacturers.
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Contract manufacturing new categories product operations

Depending on who you ask, the global EMS manufacturing market is expected to grow at 7 percent CAGR, reaching $670 billion by fiscal year 2021. Worldwide, electronics industry is between $1.7 trillion and $2 trillion and, only about 35 percent …
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Visualizing good quality vs poor quality contract manufacturing execution

Below are two clear inferences visualizing specific cases for review of quality that can be applied to differentiating between a contract manufacturer with good quality execution vs a contract manufacturer with poor quality execution. Quality execution Above, the responsible party …
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