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Indian contract electronics industry has faced ongoing challenges for years, and just as one segment appears to be savior for some EMS manufacturers in India targeting smartphone markets, the capital intensive nature of telecom infrastructure needed to support the greater Indian handset market, pressured by dim prospects for telecom CapEx spend, could impact Indian EMS providers and handset OEM companies serving India.

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Telecom spend in India is sluggish according to a report put out by investment bank UBS. In addition to lower telecom spend, additional Indian infrastructure segments over the past 15 years have also been impacted.

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Results of the UBS report highlight a survey of 3,000 companies during this period, with projected pipelines in power, metals, oil and gas, and telecom across India, which, combined, contributed 58% of total CapEx, and noting deceleration and sluggishness. You can see telecom CapEx highlighted below.

Indian telecom CapEx growth slows (15 year period)

Looking further into the Indian handsets market, as feature phones and smartphones play into the telecom infrastructure from am end user perspective, below is Indian market penetration by handset comparison, and consumer market share, by OEM smartphone brand in India according to J.P. Morgan and IDC.

India mobile handsets market comparison

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Indian smartphone market share by brand

Below, respective market share in India for smartphone makers Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, RealMe, and others.

For those reading, wondering when Indian CapEx might pick up, UBS estimates it would take at least two years of about 10% growth to reach around 90% utilization – the level the bank’s research identifies where the private sector has historically started to order new capacity – which then translates to increased demand for telecom equipment product design and manufacturing services.

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Despite challenges India faces, there remains high demand for further infrastructure development across Asia with wide variation across different Asian economies. To place India’s broader infrastructure ranking into perspective compared to other nations, see chart below.

Quality of infrastructure ranking (out of 140 economies)

Taking India’s infrastructure ranking into consideration, one cannot ignore under Modi’s government, as revealed by investigative journalists, Indian government gamed rankings for World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business Rankings’ by prioritizing minor institutional and procedural tweaks v. making bold economic reform as promised. Read more on this here.

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