Global market share semiconductor industry

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Nearly all supply chain market segments are on notice while US-China trade war outcome remains uncertain. For semiconductors, SEMI and SIA both expressed disappointment with tariffs on China and semiconductor-related imports.

Stages of semiconductor production

Tariffs will hurt US semiconductor firms, who produce roughly 90% of the value in semiconductor components (R&D and/or front-end manufacturing) because it primarily takes place in the US.

Its common knowledge, one key US concern for tariffs on China relative to semiconductor industry is addressing Chinese forced technology transfers and intellectual property theft. And rightly so.

This is more important and has greater/broader impact, than concerns of US firms putting in place semi outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) agreements, deciding to own or lease semi equipment in foreign countries, semi JV agreements, strategic ways to deal with semi equipment maintenance and upkeep and, whether or not parties who handle the semi equipment are abusing it.

6 Steps how semi components get on OEM approved vendor list (AVL)

Few can argue US semiconductor firms benefit from globalization in the semiconductor industry. Based on the chart below, the US has success to lose.

Global market share semiconductor industry (2017) based on where company headquarters is located

Below, see global semiconductor sales and semi equipment billings in US$ billions, below. (Read: 5 ways electronics OEMs and EMS firms purchase from semi component vendors)

Monthly global semiconductor sales and semi equipment billings (US$ Billions)


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