Finding expert witness for contract electronic EMS manufacturing

Unmatched contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry qualifications leveraged for checking validity of complex, logical arguments while developing harmonious interactions with retaining counsel, bonding with the arbitrator, jury and judge and, forming airtight opinions for cross-examination.

 Mark Zetter
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From forensics review of manufacturing contract excess inventory damages and liability generated from purchasing materials to customer forecasts including non-cancellable and non-returnable (NCNR) and other custom items, specialty inventory, corporate liability due to failure to perform, sudden reductions in product forecasts, cancellation of purchase orders, etc… Mark Zetter effectively navigates the business and legal challenges to understanding the complex nature of outsourcing electronics manufacturing and common, vs best practices, of functional departmental responsibilities internal EMS provider suppliers and electronics OEM customer organizations.

Depending on the underlying legal matter Venture Outsource proprietary modeling and processes support defense and plaintiffs with research and investigative analysis in both discovery and disclosure proceedings, preparing expert witness reports, rebuttals, demonstrative aids and exhibits and, testifying and depositions for trial, hearings, arbitration or other venues.

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From class action lawsuits by investors in public companies to private EMS and OEM organizations seeking an expert with scope and depth able to communicate complex EMS industry business transactions in expert witness reports identifying defective product or unsuitable manufacturing practices and fraud, a party not acting in good faith against reasonable EMS industry best practices, excess manufacturing costs, poor risk management and lost opportunities and profits, unreasonable changes in delivery schedules resulting in breach of contract, investment due diligence, and more.

Client manufacturing litigation work can involve technical and business issue disputes for suppliers and customers and vary from contract negotiations and surface mount technology (SMT) and product testing, to procurement and production floor best practices and sub-contract supplier management and related finance and P&L for electronics and complex electro-mechanical assemblies and sub-systems from design and new product launch (NPI) through full systems functional test and customer ship.

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