U.S. Presidential nominees John McCain, Barack Obama on outsourcing, immigration, H1-B visas

[Updated November 4, 2008]

Earlier this year, attempted to present interview questions to the 2008 U.S. presidential candidates, Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) and Senator John McCain, (R-Arizona), on outsourcing, immigration, and H1-B visas., an authoritative resource for outsourcing and offshoring, presented three identical questions to the leading presidential candidates.

Each candidate’s response, for all three questions, was to have been limited to a total word count of 2,500 words.

Unfortunately, neither candidate responded to our questions outlined, below.

BarackObamaJohnMcCain Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois)
Senator John McCain (R-Arizona)

1.) In the first-half of 2008, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, before a U.S. Congressional panel, “…many US firms, including Microsoft, have been forced to locate staff in countries that welcome skilled foreign workers to do work that could otherwise have been done in the United States, if it were not for our counterproductive immigration policies.” Mr. Gates stated limits on H-1B visas aimed at highly skilled professionals are too low for the rapidly growing U.S. technology sector. What thoughts do you have on reviewing current immigration policy regarding H-1B visas aimed at highly skilled professionals?

Senator McCain: Did not respond

Senator Obama: Did not respond

2.) Please describe one (1) outcome you could see happening to the talent pool for manufacturing in the United States if ‘tougher’ U.S. immigration enforcement was in place?

Senator McCain:

Senator Obama:

3.) U.S. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Tom Donohue, in a previous interview, said, “Critics of outsourcing often overlook the benefits, such as the creation of jobs by foreign firms that open operations in the United States. No other society in the world has benefited more from the migration of money, people, and jobs than the United States. The fact of the matter is we insource at least $50 billion more in service work than we outsource. The jobs we gain in the U.S. far outnumber the amount of jobs we outsource.” What are some of your thoughts regarding Mr. Donohue’s comments?

Senator McCain:

Senator Obama:

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