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Jabil COO Mark Mondello with VentureOutsource.com

Venture Outsource talked with Mark Mondello, Chief Operating Officer with Jabil Circuit. Transcripts from that discussion follow.


VO: Jabil’s business unit model encourages business unit managers to own the ‘results’ of their OEM programs and related work cells. Can you please explain what role this approach to managing customer relations plays in helping Jabil win new business?

Mr. Mondello: Jabil’s customer-centric business unit model is key to assuring we continue to win new business. Our model offers flexibility, empowers employees to be creative, enables our people to have clear ownership, and provides a robust foundation for us to assure quality-first solutions.

Jabil’s customers continually press on total cost which means frequently transferring production to various geographies based on ever-changing product demands and dynamic end markets. Our processes and IT infrastructure guarantees fast and flexible response times, resulting in satisfied customers.

Our Business Unit Leaders make real time decisions to do what is right for the customer and their respective product requirements. This seemingly simple concept is core to Jabil’s culture and translates directly to our success. Enabling employees to make the correct decision, rapidly and decisively, for their customer assures that we meet our aggressive commitments. This straight forward approach helps us continue to realize solid year on year growth.

VO: What do you feel differentiates Jabil the most from other tier-1 providers?

Mr. Mondello: Flexibility combined with operational execution. Jabil’s proven IT platform allows our global organization to efficiently interface and communicate with suppliers, customers, and our many Jabil facilities around the world. This allows for completely transparent inventory management, faster response time to customer requests, real time sharing of data, and a clear and accurate picture of global supply and demand broken down by geographic region.

Jabil maintains a keen focus on profitable growth. Stringent financial and operational controls have helped us demonstrate superb long-term financial results. We continue to rank among the top performing Fortune 500 companies by growing revenue, core operating income and core EPS at a minimum of 25 percent per year for the past decade.

Our model allows Jabil the ability to function as a lean, focused organization that can better accommodate our customers’ needs and values. Our customer dedicated Business Unit Leaders are responsible and held accountable for overall quality, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. A steadfast commitment to customers coupled with our global systems has helped us manage our business more efficiently.

VO: Jabil has a straightforward corporate philosophy with its ’10 Commandments’ and ’12 Operating Principles’. As Jabil hires more employees, how do you manage the challenge of maintaining Jabil’s corporate ‘culture’?

Mr. Mondello: Our employees are our most valuable asset – they are, in essence, our intellectual property. Because of this firmly-held belief, we invest heavily in the continuous development of our people. Our Jabil University offers Web-based training 24 hours a day. This training addresses functional competency and leadership skills. Jabil’s management is committed to helping our employees successfully grow in their careers at Jabil.

Globally, we’ve expanded dramatically and as a result of this growth, we have learned a lot about our varying workplace cultures. Universally, our model successfully translates across cultures enabling our employees to operate more efficiently and directly connect to the success of their customers. Our united approach, coupled with the commitment to our employees, has enabled Jabil to attract and retain great talent in all regions.

VO: Please name one person you met along your career you feel helped you to become the executive you are today and what did you learn from this person?

Mr. Mondello: I have been fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity throughout my life to closely observe key mentors and collaborate with various individuals I respect. These interactions have taught me the importance of education, experience, honesty, integrity, and clear communication.

In addition, I have learned the benefit of surrounding myself with really smart, trustworthy people and giving them the freedom and autonomy to do their job. Above all, I believe the most important lesson I have learned, and a lesson that has helped me throughout my career, is to always remain humble and recognize the significance of truly caring about people.

VO: Thank you.

Mr. Mondello:
You’re welcome. Thank you.

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