Everything you need to know about program management for outsourcing electronics manufacturing

By Mark Zetter

Stop losing money with bad materials management. Learn what’s important to contract electronics manufacturing (EMS) providers in OEM-EMS relationships and manage manufacturing supply chain operations more effectively.

This article is dedicated to the OEM program manager.

Its of little surprise to decision makers responsible for outsource manufacturing strategy and supply chain performance that sound management of materials purchasing and materials cost of good sold (MCOGs) are important areas technology companies allocate a great deal of focus.

In fact, electronics materials management and optimizing the management of functional groups supporting technology manufacturing are both so important that numerous companies (and entire industries) have emerged eager to help improve your company’s tracking and management effectiveness in these areas.

Think: software vendors specializing in ERP; PLM, SRM, CRM and sales and operations planning (S&OP), financial planning and analysis (FP&A) …

Invest in your career
By carefully reading through this article and closely examining the linked content located throughout, you will understand 90 percent of what being a program or project manager in the electronics industry is all about.


OEM vs ODM vs EMS vs JDM vs CEM
EMS manufacturing cost reductions


Getting started
The following examples are from recent, actual working engagements with program management teams inside EMS providers. Engagements focused on improving program management sense of urgency while paying closer attention to managing the profit center in OEM customer programs.

This article salutes program managers everywhere. As decision makers in the electronics industry you already hold some of the cards directly related to your company’s success. We want to reward you with another type of card, here.

This article reflects the perspective of a senior EMS program manager helping other EMS program management staff within an EMS provider set strategy for effective EMS programs and materials management of OEM customer accounts.

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