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1. OEM Audit of EMS Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) Capability (13 pages)

2. OEM Audit of EMS Provider (17 pages)

3. OEM Audit of Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) (9 pages)

4. OEM Manufacturing Supply Chain Competitive Readiness (17 pages)

Manufacturing cost models

5. OEM RFP/RFI Form Presented to EMS Provider

6. OEM RFQ Terms & Strategy Clauses Presented to EMS Provider

7. OEM NRE & Purchase Price Variance Template for EMS Manufacturing

8. OEM Terms & Strategy for Program Transfer to EMS Factory

9. Contract Agreement for EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services (10 pages)

10. Contract Agreement for EMS Electronics Design Services (7 pages)

11. Contract Agreement for EMS Medical Device Design Services (7 pages)

12. Contract Agreement for EMS Medical Device Manufacturing Services (14 pages)

13. EMS Manufacturing Multi-National Pricing Considerations & Drivers (6 pages)

14. OEM Plan for Electronic Prototype and New Product Development in EMS Manufacturing (8 pages)

15. New product development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI) Flowcharts with Time-to-Market (TTM) Challenges

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Any website visitor can purchase our documents collectively covering everything from contract electronics solutions provider audit and evaluation assessment; manufacturing services agreements (MSA), request-for-quote (RFQ) and request-for-proposal (RFP) templates, components and services purchasing and procurement with materials liability strategy, electronics product manufacturing and quality specs and requirements, pilot build and new product introductions (NPI), OEM program transfer and new product launch, surface mount technology (SMT) line optimization and box build and systems integration checklists, electronics product design and sub-contract design agreement, original design manufacturing (ODM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider and supplier evaluations and assessments, product supply agreement clauses, cost plus templates, and more.


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