Electronics NPI engineering influence on EMS manufacturing partner selection

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From an electronics product engineering perspective understand where your new product introduction (NPI) activity will take place relative to EMS manufacturing.

The tendency for many OEMs is to have your NPI activity where your EMS factory is but its also suitable, depending if there is a great deal of product complexity, to have your NPI occur nearby your development teams. This assumes your EMS partner is not doing product development for you.

Should cost analysis for new product launch

If your EMS provider is also performing NPI services you can select EMS partners with NPI locations nearby your development centers. Its important to note you could increase your risks if your NPI center is a different company than your EMS solution, which you want to try to avoid, because the cost of transferring programs from your NPI center to a different EMS production location is likely going to be expensive.

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In your search results you can further target other Industries and/or Services plus, you can add more geographies to your search.

Then, once your NPI location is determined, and if your EMS production is in one location, your manufacturing location is where you can focus most of your time on cost reductions and benefits.

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