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Contract manufacturing radio frequency (RF), microwaves drive testing equipment outsourcing decisions

Quality contract electronics solutions partners with RF expertise help OEM decision makers design and manufacture modular testing equipment.
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Pilot build checklist for electronics system integration box build programs

Pilot build checklist covers materials, business interests, production, test, training, capacity planning and more. OEMs can help make sure EMS providers have everything in order using this checklist.
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Setting up electronics manufacturing SMT PCB assembly lines

From solder paste screen printer to surface mount (SMT), second (2nd) ops, functional test and more, this outline covers most situations.
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OEM hardware pilot build new product launch specs for EMS manufacturing

Hardware new product pilot yield goals and objectives electronics startups and large OEMs can expect with their EMS manufacturing and design partners in the supply chain.
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[Documents] OEM Audit of Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

This document helps you assess design and development capabilities of third-party electronics design houses and electronics original design manufacturers (ODM) you are considering and includes evaluating the tools and expertise they claim, staffing experience, equipment and processes utilized while looking …
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OEM engineering product development and design validation in electronic EMS manufacturing market

Tests your EMS or ODM partner will perform to make sure your electronics product is ready for manufacturing depending on product complexity, special testing requirements, unique or custom components…
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Electronics OEM box build transfers and EMS readiness plans

To help electronics OEMs better see the readiness process of transferring an OEM product program into an EMS provider, from the provider’s viewpoint, below is a typical list of items your EMS provider will use to manage his readiness for accepting transfer of your OEM program into his facility.
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Electronics materials planning optimizes EMS and OEM supply chains


Understanding contract electronics planning / procurement influences supply chain management OEM performance with contract electronics EMS provider services
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Electronics product flowchart for NPI

Most standard NPI business models contain four turn time variations. These include the standard five-day turn, a three-day turn, a 48-hour turn, and the increasingly-popular 24-hour turn.
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EMS Request for proposals (RFP) that win OEM programs

Framework from which an EMS provider seeking an OEM outsourcing program from a potential customer can follow when submitting an RFP to the OEM.
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