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Supply Chain Management

Asia infrastructure spend is Vietnam’s race to attract manufacturers

Vietnam has a growing infrastructure spend compared with its regional neighbors. According to Asian Development Bank (ADB), this is one of the key reasons many companies are attracted to Vietnam. In addition to Vietnam manufacturing wages, which can be 1/3 …
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Asia labor costs and China manufacturing relocation impact considerations

Compare manufacturing labor costs when moving supply chain operations from China to alternate locations in Asia
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Pros and cons of 3D printing, additive manufacturing in contract electronics

There is great potential for 3D printing to disrupt the $12 trillion manufacturing market. Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing (for private use systems) creates 3D objects layer by layer from a 3D design file (typically in STL, stereolithography format) …
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How corporate materials commodities strategy differentiates and transforms manufacturing

Materials, commodities, sub-assemblies and products built by you, or coming from any part of your supply chain, are referenced accurately, in a timely manner, and tracked – and you build at the best price possible. Here’s how.
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Artificial intelligence provides transcendence for electronics manufacturing expansion

How OEMs and EMS providers wanting to grow remain competitive while building sustainable business models and keeping an eye on the future.
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Tariffs drive four OEM sourcing strategies and EMS China manufacturing supply chain relocation


Multiple EMS providers have reached out for help in developing, validating, or executing plans to relocate portions of their operations and supply chains out of China. In addition to many China EMS PCB assembly factories burdened with high customer concentrations, …
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CNC machines used in contract electronics manufacturing

One OEM hardware product required CNC machines performing 40 different processes and 193 different tooling steps to produce its stainless steel metal frame.
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Smartphone feature preferences: China v Global

Mobile smartphone network quality – in China and in other regions surveyed – was second most important feature to potential buyers. Read article for more.
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ERP, supply chain and procurement cloud preferences

Mission-critical tasks or software applications like ERP, SCM and purchasing might be on an organization’s private cloud for enhanced security and availability. Read benefits for each model in this article
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Manufacturing trade war or overdue market correction?


You make sure you are focusing your business to be consistent with current financial regulations and existing trade policies. Yet, products that once owned more than 90% of some markets are now, for the first time, indefensible.
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