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What quality-minded manufacturers want from supply chain vendors

Quality and manufacturing productivity seem to be in a constant struggle. The faster you want to speed up production, the more likely you are to have manufacturing quality issues. Whereas, raising objectives for product quality may be more likely to adversely effect your productivity objectives.
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India domestic EMS manufacturers continue to struggle

Little seems to go right for many India-domestic EMS manufacturers.
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5G Manufacturing smart factories target supply chain uncertainties

Ways manufacturing supply chains with smart factories will benefit from connected devices in the IoT age.
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Global medical device, medtech sales forecast

The global life sciences industry revenue could reach US$1.5 trillion by 2022 according to Frost & Sullivan, and driven by innovative partnerships and information technology investments. Global medtech sales in 2016-2022 (US$ billion) RELATED EMS industry documents for medical electronics …
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Global semiconductor revenue forecast by region, components, market growth

The following looks at semiconductor revenue forecasts for the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Asia Pacific and covers discrete semiconductor, optoelectronics, sensors, and integrated circuits; analog, micro, logic, and memory. Revenues are in US$M plus year-on-year growth percent from 2017 through …
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Contract manufacturing radio frequency (RF), microwaves drive testing equipment outsourcing decisions

Quality contract electronics solutions partners with RF expertise help OEM decision makers design and manufacture modular testing equipment.
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Demand exceeds solutions for electrical cables, wiring harness assembly in Silicon Valley, beyond


Industry trends are making finding capacity for quality electrical cable and wiring harness design and manufacturing assembly challenging. This article offers some solutions.
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Electric vehicle (EV) sales, marketshare, forecast by model, make, country

The China EV market is still at an early stage but it’s the same everywhere – of the 95 million cars sold globally, electric cars made up less than 1%. However, demand is growing rapidly in China.
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Robotics demand in China

Compared to Chinese robots, global robotics leaders have better technology in core robotics components like controllers, servo systems and reducers – which are the equivalent of the robotic brain or central nervous system.
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China increasing demand for automation drives robot sales

Higher wage costs, an ageing population and supportive government policy driving China’s economy toward a technology-driven future and automation.
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