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India smartphone market subject to telecom infrastructure and suitable contract electronics providers

Indian contract electronics industry has faced ongoing challenges for years, and just as one segment appears to be savior for some EMS manufacturers in India targeting smartphone markets, the capital intensive nature of telecom infrastructure needed to support the greater …
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Vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) consolidation targets the self-driving autonomous car

Today, one-third of the cost for a car is from electronics. This is expected to become 40% soon. We share how this takes place with details on car technology and features.

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5G Content drives OLED and flexible display panels in smartphones, communications, gaming, Industry 4.0

Investment, market share to grow in small- and mid-size organic light-emitting diode (OLED) flexible panels and large-size white OLED (WOLED)
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Smartphone feature preferences: China v Global

Mobile smartphone network quality – in China and in other regions surveyed – was second most important feature to potential buyers. Read article for more.
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Taiwan as barometer for health of consumer electronics sector

Revenue from rigid boards are posting a double digit decline compared to the same month last year. Equipment manufacturers and printed circuit manufacturers released pessimistic forecasts for the second half of the year. They blame their pessimism on slow sales from personal computers, and they expect a negative growth from tablet PCs this year.
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Contract consumer electronics, injection molding, enclosure opportunities

Enclosures produced using computer numerical control machines (CNC) / extrusion (e.g., plastics injection molding) methods should continue to dominate smartphones segment, and are becoming an important feature for handset OEMs. Click to view charts and graphs.
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Smartphone, mobile telecom hardware trends and EMS opportunity

One trends EMS/ODM companies must embrace include higher megapixel camera technology. Read article for further details/graph.
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Electronics manufacturing services and design forecast 2014-19

Broken down my market sector, we should see EMS industry revenues increase to $423 billion on the rising strength of consumer electronics, servers and storage, networking equipment, automotive electronics, and medical electronics.
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Mexico: Could value chain limits impact electronics re-shoring?

Countries cannot be or continue being competitive without efficient links with global markets. Do the relationships Mexico has with various global EMS providers located in the country offer enough of a transfer of capital, know-how, technology, standard and value-added services to represent global value chain contribution from Mexico?
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China smartphone, tablet CAGR forecast into the clouds

Chinese smartphone and tablet market is still tracking to nearly double in 2013, with smartphones showing good momentum and tablets offering both lower cost and higher performance features to stimulate demand according to a recent research report by investment bank Credit Suisse.
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