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Vietnam contract manufacturing: Dong exchange rates v EMS/ODM provider earnings growth

The Vietnamese Dong is the only ASEAN bloc currency that depreciated against the US$ in the first-half 2019. For electronics OEM decision makers considering EMS/ODM providers with operations in foreign countries and wanting to know contract electronics EMS and ODM …
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Trade war tariff risk and protectionism by nation

Some ASEAN countries benefit more than others, despite profile risk comparing protectionism. See complete chart, beyond Asia.
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ODM Cloud server assembly firms adjust manufacturing footprints

ODM plans to distribute manufacturing likely to cause higher costs in several areas. Favored geographies are outlined with percent production at each.
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Mexico v Taiwan: US tariff exposure for ODM hardware, by ODM company, per nation

Gain access electronics ODM industry research and make more informed business and investment decisions.
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Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia lead supply chain relocation decision short lists

2,600+ transcripts from 850 companies text mined reveal popular destinations considered for supply chain relocation. Includes average time to relocated supply chain.
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South East Asia destinations attract China manufacturing supply chain relocation

South East Asia is currently the biggest beneficiary of China relocations. Read why with links to alternative manufacturing destinations.
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Moving EMS manufacturing to Mexico and other EMS CEO concerns amid tariffs and rising costs

CEOs of EMS manufacturing companies seeking to expand operations and capabilities have many options to choose from. Venture Outsource provides industry insight and more to guide CEO decision-making.
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China electronic manufacturing tariffs, USA reshoring, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico

Some EMS providers are forecasting direct labor in Mexico will be 30% cheaper than direct labor in China in five years. Vietname direct labor is also changing.
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Moving high mix electronics assembly from Mexico to China

Question: I am looking for an EMS or ODM with factory in Mexico. I have a low volume, high mix product line I am planning to move to Mexico from China. Can you send me a list? I am also …
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Mexico: Could value chain limits impact electronics re-shoring?

Countries cannot be or continue being competitive without efficient links with global markets. Do the relationships Mexico has with various global EMS providers located in the country offer enough of a transfer of capital, know-how, technology, standard and value-added services to represent global value chain contribution from Mexico?
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