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Vietnam contract manufacturing: Dong exchange rates v EMS/ODM provider earnings growth

The Vietnamese Dong is the only ASEAN bloc currency that depreciated against the US$ in the first-half 2019. For electronics OEM decision makers considering EMS/ODM providers with operations in foreign countries and wanting to know contract electronics EMS and ODM …
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Trade war tariff risk and protectionism by nation

Some ASEAN countries benefit more than others, despite profile risk comparing protectionism. See complete chart, beyond Asia.
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Vietnam manufacturing tech hub: Strengths and challenges

Vietnam is the world’s fifth fastest growing economy. The Southeast Asian nation is divided into the following regions: Vietnam Northwest, Northeast (Ha Noi City – capital), Red River Delta (Hai Phong City), North-Central Coast, South Central Coast (Da Nang City), …
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Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia lead supply chain relocation decision short lists

2,600+ transcripts from 850 companies text mined reveal popular destinations considered for supply chain relocation. Includes average time to relocated supply chain.
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Reward (or risk) for OEMs seeking India EMS manufacturing partners

Indian EMS providers and Indian EMS industry both have their challenges. But partnering with the right Indian EMS providers can prove cost-effective for even the most demanding OEM executives. As China loses some of its competitiveness for electronics design, manufacturing …
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China electronic manufacturing tariffs, USA reshoring, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico

Some EMS providers are forecasting direct labor in Mexico will be 30% cheaper than direct labor in China in five years. Vietname direct labor is also changing.
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India ESDM inhibited by electronics investment and policy


India’s (second) effort to establish global ESDM capability follows years of false starts. Modi is making some progress but will policy and business climate changes build needed trust among global hardware OEM decision makers to combat long-standing issues India continues to face?
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Industrial electronics Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity

The IoT segment may not be capital or labor-intensive but this segment will require hiring significant numbers of R&D engineers because each product requires a high degree of customization due to the high-mix / low-volume nature of the business.
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China, emerging markets drives worldwide smartphone adoption

Asia remains the largest market in terms of potential growth, with China leading the way well into 2017, and beyond. Credit Suisse’s global hardware team raised their smartphone unit estimates because of a faster adoption pace of lower-cost Android smartphones in China and emerging markets.
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Steps for India to succeed in electronics services design manufacturing (ESDM)


India failed previously to become a global destination for EMS. Key points her emphasize some missteps, plus steps India must take to realize global capabilities for electronics services and design manufacturing (ESDM).
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