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EMS as a growth industry and reasons for optimism

EMS industry underestimated. Growth opportunities seen at numerous EMS companies. Sanmina-SCI in major identity makeover. Flextronics disproportionate beneficiary in computing. Clean tech aids non-traditional EMS sectors. OEMs reevaluate strategies.

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Trend report: Regional manufacturing productivity, hourly compensation, labor costs

Greatest decline in total hours worked occurred in U.S. manufacturing. Total manufacturing labor compensation declined in Japan, Canada, United Kingdom. U.S. manufacturing sector improved unit labor cost competitiveness against all economies compared except Korea and the United Kingdom.
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Battling EMS growth stories

IDC says the recession will drive down industry revenues by $37 billion in 2009, a –12.9% contraction. The EMS sector generated $167.1 billion in revenues for 2008, representing 58.5% of the overall industry. Additionally, the diversified revenue sources for the EMS sector should…
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Eastern European EMS equals half of Europe’s, to grow 2x

Leading global manufacturers of home appliances have already established manufacturing bases in Poland, while some key EMS participants have made sizeable investments in the design …

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Wall Street on EMS vs. ODM market share and market segments

Wall Street discusses EMS vs. ODM market share, various market segments, emerging market opportunities and …

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International hourly manufacturing compensation rate costs by country

Information on hourly manufacturing rate compensation costs for international employees by country in production manufacturing begins …

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Acquisition gives Flextronics expanded global footing and capabilities

Until recently, Flextronics’ largest market segment was mobile phones, which accounted for over 30% of revenue. With the acquisition of Solectron this changes the entire landscape of the EMS, and ODM, industries.
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Taking the pulse of EMS

While internal, defensive, cost-control issues dominated the companies’ reports; most firms also …
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Changes underway at global EMS destinations

U.S. electronics manufacturing is not going away. New product introduction (NPI) and low-volume, high-mix programs should play a major role in industries such as …
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Independent manufacturers’ representatives – interview with legal counsel Gerald M. Newman

Read what Mr. Newman says about establishing good contract manufacturing and sales representative agreements, contractual disputes and business challenges parties need to be aware of, industry trend segments for sales representatives in the active and inactive semi-conductor sector, and more.
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