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EMS/ODM manufacturer corporate (org chart) reporting structure impacts sales and services


Read how OEM customer programs often are at a disadvantage with some EMS/ODM provider org charts, reporting structure and compensation practices.
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What is difference between OEM, CM, CEM, ECM, EMS, ODM, JDM, design house contract electronic terms?

Designing and manufacturing electronics hardware products has evolved into two camps. One camp is the OEM. The other is comprised of contract electronics solutions providers, who often subcontract with each other for the same OEM customer or program. Details below …
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How to OEM request PCB assembly quotes (RFQ) for EMS manufacturing

Your current EMS provider just missed a shipment to one of your important customers because of ongoing, internal EMS systems test yield issues. You realize you now have to prepare RFQs for alternative providers because your company reputation is on the line.
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How to OEM request BOM quotes (RFQ) for EMS manufacturing

A BOM RFQ letter to help validate electronic OEM program business assumptions and select suitable EMS providers for complete turn key contract electronics.
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Top 10 EMS Providers in Europe – 2015

We surveyed the contract EMS industry and asked providers who they thought were the best in 2015 in Europe. Take a look to see what they said.
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Top 10 EMS Providers in USA Northeast – 2015

We surveyed the contract EMS industry and asked providers who they thought were the best in 2015 in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia.
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Electronics manufacturing services and design forecast 2014-19

Broken down my market sector, we should see EMS industry revenues increase to $423 billion on the rising strength of consumer electronics, servers and storage, networking equipment, automotive electronics, and medical electronics.
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Top 10 contract manufacturing and orginal design manufacturing (ODM) companies

Review listings of the industry's top 10 electronics contract manufacturing and original design manufacturing (ODM) companies.
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EMS Industry terms and definitions

Industry terms and definitions for contract manufacturing and financial management of outsourcing programs.

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