Outsourcing Pitfalls

Manufacturing trade war or overdue market correction?


You make sure you are focusing your business to be consistent with current financial regulations and existing trade policies. Yet, products that once owned more than 90% of some markets are now, for the first time, indefensible.
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Questions for electronics hardware startup founders seeking investor funding

Investors want to know if your electronics hardware product will succeed and startup founders are thinking ahead.
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OEM selection of EMS proposal and awarding EMS manufacturer your OEM program

Do your homework because your cost to change EMS providers later is high. Its not a simple decision and it’s critical for your success as well.
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Why high priced EMS manufacturing services can be best

Choosing higher priced EMS partners could be more reflective of your total cost of ownership. But there are also risks. Read more to see what’s best for your company.
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Total landed cost considerations for OEM electronics outsourcing

Identify who your stakeholders are and keep them informed then seek EMS providers that excel in areas you do not so you can focus on creating synergies.
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If only I knew then how much of my electronic hardware manufacturing to outsource

Contract electronics solutions providers can do so much more than lower your costs. Read helpful tips and considerations many OEMs don’t know about.
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Changing or selecting EMS providers amid acquisitions and divestitures

If your OEM company is divesting a large portion of your business then you’re going to lose some of your spend power with your current EMS partner. This will be an interesting but important topic to discuss with him because it will impact his accounts receivables.
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Second sourcing vs. single source EMS manufacturing partners

Depending on your supply chain and number of programs, many people will challenge a decision for using EMS dual sourcing. Read this to see which is best for you.
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How to get the most accurate quotes (RFQ) from electronics services providers

When sourcing electronics services design or manufacture for your OEM product program (electrical, PCB design / layout, SMT and PCBA, electro-mechanical assembly, final systems test…) there are a few tips OEMs can keep in mind for a win-win.
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Five tips for negotiating contracts in China

When outsourcing OEM programs to EMS providers most OEMs know what good contracts need with regards to quality and delivery, inventory… But for contracts with Chinese EMS providers I suggest these important additional considerations.
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