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How coronavirus changes manufacturing supply chain spend and inventory management


Manufacturers are rolling back two to three years, any progress they previously achieved toward Industry 4.0 as budgets are re-evaluated and so are new paths forward.
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Keys to cost reductions for outsourcing electronics in China

Tips on cost negotiations for contract EMS manufacturing in China and ways to achieve cost reductions with your EMS provider partners.
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Q&A with Peter Marsh: Manufacturing Opportunity in the New Industrial Revolution

The critics of China are right. China has to show that in manufacturing as well as in other fields, businesses can innovate in design and technology. They need to be able to create products where they own the intellectual property and which can be branded as indisputably belonging to them. Moreover the products …
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Full report: EMS / ODM worry about profitability as fall 2011 survey reveals pessimism in electronics supply chain

471 survey respondents from EMS/ODM, Component Manufacturers, Distributors, Electronic Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs and Semiconductor Manufacturers answer questions on the economic situation; employment, inventory levels, business volume, and prices providing insight into the levels of …
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From Starbucks to Foxconn: A competitive supply chain is more than just lowering operations cost and inventories

Gene Tyworth, Ph.D., chairman for the department of supply chain and information systems (SC&IS) at Penn State Smeal College of Business talks with about the skill gaps in today’s supply chain managers and which important knowledge areas tomorrow’s supply chain leaders should focus on. Plus, much more…
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Introducing VO GlobalNet community for electronics manufacturing and global supply chain operations professionals


VO GlobalNet attracts a wide variety of individuals including senior executives; government officials, members of societies, managers, financial analysts, academicians and other professionals involved in managing manufacturing and supply chain operations in the worldwide electronics industry.
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EMS unit price vs. OEM total value chain cost

EMS sourcing decisions are largely economic, but the largest cost differential between suppliers can be unrelated to unit price and any of the components mentioned. Basing a sourcing decision too heavily on unit price can be hazardous to your career.
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How OEMs can build better EMS provider relationships

Asking questions about cost, quality, strategic fit and risk is only part of OEM best practices for EMS provider due diligence. Reliance on a single point of contact can be a sign of lack of depth, or simply due to …
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Savings and perils in lean supply chains

As more companies transition to a vendor-managed materials management solution, they put their supply chain destiny in the abilities of chosen …
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Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce on outsourcing and offshoring

"The fact of the matter is we insource at least $50 billion more in service work than we outsource. The jobs we gain in the U.S. far outnumber the amount of jobs we … "

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