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OEM electronics sourcing decision makers want to compare apples to apples when seeking electronics services. But, this desire does not typically coincide with what OEMs receive during their request for quotes (RFQ) process as results can vary for each OEM-contract electronics service engagement outreach. However, there are some aspects of this activity that can be deemed universal in the industry.

In spite of the frequency in which RFQs take place, errors and omissions do occur, on both sides. Troubles can surface for a number of reasons such as:

  • too few people are assigned to the RFQ process by the OEM
  • those that are assigned might not collectively, or individually, have access to all of the information needed in order to make timely appropriate unilateral or, group decisions, when necessary to do so, or
  • unilateral decisions are made when a consensus is required, also
  • there is not enough depth of experience within the OEM (there are still a tremendous number of companies in industry that are ‘new’ to outsourcing)

Add to this, many companies might already be outsourcing some of their records keeping or finance functions, which can further complicate things.

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