Product Lifecycle Management

5 Ways electronics OEMs and EMS providers purchase from semiconductor component vendors

The following 5 scenarios detail how electronics OEM companies and contract EMS providers award purchase orders to semiconductor vendors.
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6 Steps how semi components get on OEM approved vendor list (AVL)

Six critical steps how a semiconductor vendor gets their chipset onto an electronics OEM hardware product approved vendor list (AVL).
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[Documents] EMS Industry

Contract electronic outsourcing industry design / manufacturing agreements, templates, term sheets, audit checklist evaluations, and more for purchase.
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[Documents] Sub-Contract Design Agreement for EMS Provider (OEM Perspective)

EMS providers can sub-contract design or manufacturing to other EMS firms. This OEM perspective offers insight into concerns about third-party EMS provider services.
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Electronics distributors lose control as pressure to innovate increases


Electronics distribution model is proving harder to manage as control of supply chain slips, shifting to non-OEM components manfuacturers.
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[Documents] Contract Agreement for EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services

Focused on materials liability management and sourcing electronics manufacturing cost reductions and EMS pricing, this document reveals purchase order variances and cost strategy,and percentages for EMS pricing methodologies for materials, test and much more.
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Contract manufacturing NRE strategy for electronic OEMs

Non-recurring engineering (NRE) tips for OEMs working with contract electronics solutions providers. Your approach to NRE can vary depending on program size and your financial objectives.
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Electronic new product introduction (NPI) feasibility vs. cost reductions and price erosion

Do OEM decision makers spend valuable time reducing cost on existing products or do you spend your scarce R&D resources on introducing new products?
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OEM engineering product development and design validation in electronic EMS manufacturing market

Tests your EMS or ODM partner will perform to make sure your electronics product is ready for manufacturing depending on product complexity, special testing requirements, unique or custom components…
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EMS provider OEM program transfers can be a bumpy road

Contrary to popular EMS industry belief, nearly every EMS provider today does not purchase components and materials in bulk, across multiple customer programs, in an effort to achieve lower MCOGs for your OEM customer program. The deeper you go into …
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