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Military EMS and printed circuit board security risks using global innovation networks

Imagine a GPGPU semiconductor is developed in the U.S. or Japan, and the attendant software and supporting components are developed in India. Then, a medical imaging platform is conceived in Germany and a complete system is built, tested, configured and …
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VIDEO – Defining disaster in Japan: Impact on Japanese and global electronics industry supply chains

Japan represents 10% to 15% of global electronics demand but 16% to 30% of electronics component supply. OEMs with meaningful cash positions are trying to pull in orders, buying up available component supplies. Taiwan printed circuit board companies like Kinsus and Unimicron could see bigger negative impacts.
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5 Methodology steps to 6 sigma in electronics printed circuit board assemblies


An electronics manufacturer building one million circuit boards at 3 Sigma levels would build 66,807 defective circuit boards. Assuming each defective board required $100 worth of parts and labor to repair, it would cost $6,680,700 to complete the repairs.
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EMS provider OnCore CEO interview

OnCore electronics services CEO talk about end markets the provider serves and challenges taking place in industrial, medical and defense / aerospace electronics sectors.

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Mark Larson talks Digi-Key, semiconductors, electronics components, distribution

Larson says performance marketing is rapidly replacing relationship marketing. EMS providers and OEMs recognize committed inventory heavily buffered by uncommitted inventory. Semiconductor chips will continue to address increasingly specific needs of customers. Market forces putting severe competitive pressures on local distributors forcing re-analysis of business models.

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Electronics distribution executives reveal supply chain insight

Improving product mix slows average selling price (ASP) erosion. Distributors and suppliers may be gaining pricing power. Systems distribution industry should grow faster in 2010 than historical 4% to 6% growth rate. Electronics components distributor Avnet experiencing customers offering to pay for better allocation.
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2010 Semiconductor revenues target $300 billion

This year marks all-time annual high for global semiconductor revenue. Demand for consumer electronics continues to surpass expectations. Global factory revenue for electronics systems could reach $1.5 trillion. Strong sales predicted for PCs, mobile handsets, LCD-TVs, semiconductor-rich systems.

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EMS as a growth industry and reasons for optimism

EMS industry underestimated. Growth opportunities seen at numerous EMS companies. Sanmina-SCI in major identity makeover. Flextronics disproportionate beneficiary in computing. Clean tech aids non-traditional EMS sectors. OEMs reevaluate strategies.

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Inside ODM contract service agreements

Shorter product lifecycles creating more losses for OEMs.  Engineering change orders can define IP ownership. ODM vendor selection transparency is vital. IT integration can offer significant savings for OEMs.
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Celestica CEO talks internal changes, acquisitions, EMS

Celestica has not made any major acquisitions since Muhlhauser took over as CEO in 2006. Things are much different today. Muhlhauser and his team did a good job of managing profitability during this last downturn. However, more revenue is needed to drive …
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