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Review of SAP, Oracle / JD Edwards, NetSuite ERP for electronics manufacturers

OEMs and their contract electronics provider partners often get wrapped up in a extra effort by trying to manage a longer term forecast with the same granularity of shorter-term ones. The end or quarter hockey stick shipping charts often found in many contract electronics providers speaks to this challenge.
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The Silicon Valley of Asia


Hong Kong’s desire is to strengthen its competitiveness as an international hub and become a premier gateway to markets in mainland China and Asia. But becoming a regional gateway or point of FDI and business interests on the world stage, even with a concerted effort backed by government initiatives and funding is not easy for any region, in any sector. India tried years ago to become a global destination for electronics systems design and manufacturing (ESDM) or contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and failed.
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Keys to cost reductions for outsourcing electronics in China

Tips on cost negotiations for contract EMS manufacturing in China and ways to achieve cost reductions with your EMS provider partners.
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Timing implementation of PLM and ERP crucial in contract electronics manufacturing

ERP systems are good for planning and accounting, but areas where ERP can fall short include electronics production program scheduling, work-in-progress (WIP) monitoring, and assisting with manufacturing program execution.
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Software license, product supply, support agreement for mobile chipset

Software licensing and product supply and support agreement between North American telecommunications company focused in the mobile and smartphone market and a China-based chipset provider for multi-media, digital cordless and VoIP industry applications.
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Sub-contract electronics services design agreement for OEMs

This sub-contract electronics design services agreement can help broaden understanding when your electronics design services are further sub-contracted.
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How the cloud and globalization are shaping ERP functionality in electronics manufacturing

As electronics manufacturers look to expand globally, they are also looking at the cloud, security, two-tier strategies, and customization. Software providers like Plex Systems, SAP, Microsoft, Sage, NetSuite and others ERP platform vendors are taking their interests and concerns to heart.
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Everything you need to know about program management for outsourcing electronics manufacturing


Stop losing money. Learn what’s important to EMS providers in OEM-EMS relationships and manage manufacturing supply chain operations more effectively. The following examples are from recent, actual working engagements with program management teams inside EMS providers. Engagements focused on improving program management sense of urgency while paying closer attention to managing the profit center in OEM customer programs.
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Electronics product flowchart for NPI

Most standard NPI business models contain four turn time variations. These include the standard five-day turn, a three-day turn, a 48-hour turn, and the increasingly-popular 24-hour turn.
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EMS Request for proposals (RFP) that win OEM programs

Framework from which an EMS provider seeking an OEM outsourcing program from a potential customer can follow when submitting an RFP to the OEM.
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