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How to get the most accurate quotes (RFQ) from electronics services providers

When sourcing electronics services design or manufacture for your OEM product program (electrical, PCB design / layout, SMT and PCBA, electro-mechanical assembly, final systems test…) there are a few tips OEMs can keep in mind for a win-win.
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Establishing conflict minerals compliance reporting for electronics manufacturers

You (or your electronics manufacturer) are using ‘conflict minerals’. Your SEC report must include a description of the measures taken by your company to exercise due diligence on the source of the conflict materials, including chain of custody.
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Review of SAP, Oracle / JD Edwards, NetSuite ERP for electronics manufacturers

OEMs and their contract electronics provider partners often get wrapped up in a extra effort by trying to manage a longer term forecast with the same granularity of shorter-term ones. The end or quarter hockey stick shipping charts often found in many contract electronics providers speaks to this challenge.
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Five tips for negotiating contracts in China

When outsourcing OEM programs to EMS providers most OEMs know what good contracts need with regards to quality and delivery, inventory… But for contracts with Chinese EMS providers I suggest these important additional considerations.
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Electronics ERP systems can reduce time to ROI

How to manage product data structure for electronics ERP systems deep bills of materials, rigid configurations, long component lead-time, detailed costing and production routings.
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5 leadership skills for the OEM CFO

We all know of executives who fail as leaders because their ideas aren’t trusted. Remember the Pepsi executive at Apple? As talented as he was, he wasn’t trusted at Apple and was stereotyped as a misfit.
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Keys to cost reductions for outsourcing electronics in China

Tips on cost negotiations for contract EMS manufacturing in China and ways to achieve cost reductions with your EMS provider partners.
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Timing implementation of PLM and ERP crucial in contract electronics manufacturing

ERP systems are good for planning and accounting, but areas where ERP can fall short include electronics production program scheduling, work-in-progress (WIP) monitoring, and assisting with manufacturing program execution.
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Electronics OEM box build transfers and EMS readiness plans

To help electronics OEMs better see the readiness process of transferring an OEM product program into an EMS provider, from the provider’s viewpoint, below is a typical list of items your EMS provider will use to manage his readiness for accepting transfer of your OEM program into his facility.
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12 Keys to understanding EMS quotes for printed circuit board box build assembly

Electronics OEMs can expect to see the following pricing breakouts when outsourcing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to an electronics contract manufacturing provider. For more detailed information on how internal provider pricing for these line items is determined visit the additional links at the bottom of this article.
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